Maren Morris Breaks Silence After Divorce From Ryan Hurd

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Maren Morris has finally broken her silence from divorce from, Ryan Hurd, her husband. She revealed whether she is dating or not.

Maren Opens Up

Two months after filing for divorce from her husband, Ryan Hurd, Maren is finally opening up about the divorce.

On December 13, Maren Morris, 33, was asked about her new look during her interview on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show. During her appearance on the show, she joked that she “cut all the trauma out of my hair,” when she got her short bob hairstyle.

She previously hinted on her Instagram Story, that she is in her “annual existential crisis” era. She wrote, “Cut all fair off. Adopt a Dog. Get back on Antidepressants.”

“I think this year has — for a lot of people, not just me — a lot of people that are close to me have gone through it. I’ve known so many people that have gone through breakups or divorces,” she added.

Howard then noted that Maren “went through a divorce this year.” She replied, “It’s ongoing, I would like this to sort of wrap up.”

Is She Dating?

Maren Morris mentioned that she wasn’t ready to think about dating at the moment and added, “I don’t have the headspace for that yet. But I’m writing so much right now. That’s kind of been my way of dating, is just through song.”

She filed for divorce on October 2, and cited the reason for their split, “irreconcilable differences.” And allegedly, Ryan wasn’t expecting the split and said that Maren’s decision to call it off, “seems to have come out of the blue.” However, they do have a prenup in place.

When Maren And Ryan Met

Ryan and Maren became friends shortly after meeting at a writing session for Tim McGraw, in 2013 for the song, “Last Turn Home.” Just two short years later, they started dating and Ryan painted their love story in his song from 2016, “Love in a Bar.”

Ryan Hurd proposed to Maren in 2017 and they decided to tie the knot a year later. One year after they tied the knot, they welcomed their son Hayes, who was born in March 2020.

“Ryan has always been a creative collaborator in my life, that’s how we met,” Morris exclusively stated, in 2019. “We were paired together six years ago to write a song. We didn’t know each other and it just kind of grew from there, so music has always been really intertwined in our love for each other, and now that we aren’t just songwriters, we’re artists.”

Before The Split

Before they parted ways, the couple showed off their chemistry on social media and at award shows. Ryan stood beside Maren when she announced her plans to step away from country music. He took to Instagram on September 20, and wrote, “She deserves to be celebrated, not just tolerated.” “I love the response from people who don’t just love these two songs, they needed them. I knew it would strike a chord.”

He followed with: “Most people would just shut up and keep collecting the paycheck because the wave of vitriol is real and it’s hard. I’m so sick of watching my wife get the s—t kicked out of her by the internet. I’m sick of every talking head having some kind of stupid opinion about what she says. It’s the same every time, why are you surprised when she calls out something racist or homophobic, I’m sick of people getting rewarded for it.”

Ryan says the split is out of left field. Do you think there’s more to the story? Comment and let us know!

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