Why Was Jelly Roll Sued By Waffle House?

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When singers hit the big time, it can seem like everyone wants a piece of them. Before they make a name for themselves, no one seems interested and no one is around. That is what normally happens, but “normal” doesn’t apply to everyone. The Waffle House wanted a piece of Jelly Roll long before he had much of a fan base, before he was nominated for two Grammys and long before he was making real money. They proved this by suing the “I Need Favor” singer way back in 2013.

“Whiskey, Weed And Waffle House”

Back in 2013, when he was an underground rapper, Jelly Roll had dropped a mixtape called Whiskey, Weed And Waffle House. He also released a single with the same name. The Waffle House had an issue with him doing that.

Surprisingly, Waffle House did not have a problem with the title of Jelly Roll’s mixtape or the single. They didn’t have a problem with the lyrics to “Whiskey, Weed And Waffle House.” Their issue was with the cover of the mixtape. The cover of the mixtape included a bottle of Crown Royal whiskey, a marijuana leaf, and the Waffle House logo. Because of this, they sued Jelly Roll for trademark infringement.

How Far Did Waffle House Take The Lawsuit?

Despite the free publicity, Waffle House was not the least bit happy about the use of their trademarked logo. They sent Jelly Roll the standard cease and desist letter. Then, according to Jelly Roll, they “froze” his YouTube channel and “threatened to sue me.”

Jelly Roll’s Reaction To Being Sued By Waffle House

At first, Jelly Roll was just happy to have caught the attention of Waffle House. “I was calling everybody, like, We’re popular! Waffle House is trying to sue us!” he explained in an interview. He even posted on Facebook how he was “making history.”

Jelly Roll changed his mind. He realized this was a serious situation. “It was kind of a big debacle,” the “I Need A Favor” singer said after realizing the seriousness of the situation.


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Jelly Roll Took Action

Instead of fighting Waffle House and turning the situation into a long court case, Jelly Roll made the choice to do something else. He paid Waffle House $10,000. He also changed the cover of the mixtape and gave away 10,000 of the new mixtapes for free.

In addition to doing those things, he changed the name of the mixtape, song and song lyrics. The single went from being “Whiskey, Weed And Waffle House” to being “Whiskey, Weed And Women.” Apparently, that was enough for Waffle House. The restaurant took no further action against Jelly Roll.

Tell us what you think. Have you heard Jelly Roll’s “Whiskey, Weed And Waffle House” or the new version “Whiskey, Weed And Women?” Which version did you prefer? Are you surprised Waffle House sued Jelly? Do you think he would have gotten off so easily if it had happened after Jelly Roll became a country music superstar? Sound off in the comment section below.

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