How Luke Bryan Inspired New Jelly Roll Song

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Songwriting inspiration can come from all kinds of different places. Based on Jelly Roll’s latest collaboration with Ernest, listeners have Luke Bryan to thank for inspiring the new tune.

Jelly Roll Had A Monster Year In 2023

A lot of country stars had huge years in 2023. However, Jelly Roll had one of the biggest. He also has the hardware to prove it. In 2023, he walked away with the CMA for New Artist of the Year. This is an award that many stars covet, but, it was Jelly Roll that got the honor.

With as much success as Jelly Roll had in 2023, many of his fans are excited to see what the rest of 2024 has in store. In a relatively short time, he has already cemented himself as one of the biggest names in music today, and it’s well deserved after everything he went through to get to where he is now.

Jelly Roll
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Ernest And Jelly Roll Go Back A Long Way

Jelly Roll and Ernest are getting their flowers for their mega-hit collaboration on Son of a Sinner. Jelly Roll exploded onto the music scene in 2023, and teaming up with Ernest to write was just one of the many reasons behind his success. He cleaned up at award shows, and Son of a Sinner was his crown jewel.

Music fans may not know this, but Jelly Roll and Ernest go way back. They may be at the top of their game, and at the top of the charts nowadays, but, these two have a surprising connection from before they ever started making hits in the studio.

Ernest, who is an accomplished singer and songwriter in his own right, has known Jelly Roll for over a decade. Ernest said in previous interviews that Jelly Roll used to sell him marijuana back in the day. Then, Ernest went to college, and Jelly Roll went to jail.


Luke Bryan Inspired Jelly Roll And Ernest Collab, How?

Ernest recently teased his new collaboration with Jelly Roll, fittingly titled: I Went to College, and I Went to Jail. This song tells the story of the two different paths Ernest and Jelly Roll took in their lives. Ernest went off to college and Jelly Roll went to jail. All these years later, it’s something of a full circle moment for them to be able to write a song about their vastly different experiences.

Based on the snippet alone, this unexpected duet is already resonating with fans. According to Ernest, that song never would have come to be if it were not for Luke Bryan. Ernest was out playing golf with Bryan, and the pair got to talking about how Ernest and Jelly Roll knew each other from way back.


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Ernest told Bryan what would eventually become the song’s hook: “Then I went to college, and he went to jail, and then we came back all these years later.”

The way Ernest tells it, Luke Bryan immediately said: “Hold up, motherf*****, you better write that f****** song right now.”

The rest, as they say, is history.

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