Jelly Roll Explains Late Concert Misunderstanding

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Jelly Roll is explaining a late concert misunderstanding that just occurred. The performer felt awful about a show that went on later than expected. Therefore, he felt the need to share the reasoning with all of his followers. What exactly happened? Read on for more details.

Jelly Roll Explains Late Concert Misunderstanding

In Jelly Roll’s mind and eyes, he would not be where he is without his fans and he knows this. More so, he honors and respects them. He makes sure to take care of everyone around him, which is what people who don’t even care for his music appreciate about him. When Jelly was on his 2023 tour, he had to take his dog to get groomed. Rather than just tipping the groomer, he ensured she had passes to go backstage and catch a photo with him. So, when he was set to perform in Indiana on Saturday, February 17th, he took it very seriously.

Jelly Roll-YouTube
Jelly Roll-YouTube

Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. The show went on way too late and it may have caused a stir. So, Jelly sent out a tweet today to explain everything.

He shared that he was not allowed to go on until 1130 pm. Furthermore, the contract would only allow him to do an hour-long show. He then let his followers know that he never would have left attendees just hanging but he had no power over what happened. So, what were the reactions?

Jelly Roll-YouTube
Jelly Roll-YouTube
  • Seriously! Why not let people know before the show, if it was “in the contract”.
  • im sure it was worth the wait
  • I believe you. Don’t worry about it. I’m sure you gave a he** of a hour.
  • Live and learn … not the end of the world.

Not Everyone Was Understanding

Of course, not everyone was understanding of Jelly Roll’s situation. There was one person who had this to say:

  • Don’t sign contracts you’re not happy with?

That caused Jelly to clap back with this response:

Seems like not everyone got what Jelly was trying to say, and after a certain point, he did not care. He has enough fans who felt that he probably gave more than enough. One claimed Jelly only performed for 45 minutes which he disputed.

Clearly, no one in this situation was going to be happy but Jelly did his best to remedy the problem. Do you understand the predicament he was in? More so, would you accept his explanation just to get to see him? Let us know in the comments below.

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