Blake Shelton Smashes New Career Record With Help From Gwen

Blake Shelton - Gwen Stefani
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Blake Shelton recently smashed a new career record. That’s saying something when you consider the successful career he has had. This time around, he did it with a little help from his wife, Gwen Stefani. So, what new milestone did Blake achieve?

Blake Shelton Has Had A Long And Successful Career

These days, Blake Shelton is known the world over as a television personality and a business owner. Putting his name and support behind any brand is a sure way to generate sales. His music career hasn’t slowed down in the slightest, and yet, he is known for a lot more than writing and performing catchy tunes.

Blake Shelton is a bona fide business mogul today. He has his successful chain of bars called Ole Red, his Barmaggedon show on USA with Carson Daly, and even a clothing collection with outdoor brand Land’s End. While managing all of that, he is still selling out stadiums and topping the charts.

blake shelton
Blake Shelton

Blake Reaches New Career Highlight With Help From Gwen Stefani

With everything that Blake Shelton has going well for him, he recently added one more jewel to his crown. Shelton and Stefani made waves when they recently released their latest duet, Purple Irises. Whenever these two collaborate, it’s a proven formula to make hits and sell. Thanks to a little help from his wife, Blake recently added another huge win to his chart-topping prowess.

Purple Irises officially marks Blake Shelton’s 38th career top 10 hit on the Billboard Country Digital Song Sales chart. Where things get interesting is the fact that Purple Irises gives him the distinction of having “the most top 10 smashes among solo male artists of all time on that specific ranking,” according to Forbes.

Blake-Shelton - Gwen Stefani
Blake-Shelton – Gwen Stefani

Husband And Wife Chart-Toppers Make Strong Statement

The release of Purple Irises was much more than just a guaranteed hit for Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. They dropped the new track at a time when their marriage has been under a lot of scrutiny. The thing about the song that makes it even more fitting is that it’s not your typical love song.

Purple Irises is written from the perspective of a couple that has been together for some time. It tells the story of a couple that has gone through ups and downs, maybe added a few pounds and gray hair along the way. It reflects where Gwen and Blake are currently in their relationship.

With a real and honest look at love and relationships that’s not just romanticized or looked at with rose-colored glasses on, it’s no wonder the new single is resonating so much with listeners. In Blake Shelton’s case, it’s also helping him break records.

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