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Poor Blake Shelton! That man can not catch a break when it comes to his marriage with Gwen Stefani. It has been reported the musical super couple have been having all sorts of marital problems and there doesn’t appear to be an end to the issues in their marriage. Once again, Blake Shelton was ditched by Stefani so she could do something else other than spend time with her husband.

Blake Shelton Ditched For Second Time This Month

It is a good thing February is the shortest month of the year and there is less than a week left in it. If it were any longer, there is no telling how many times Gwen Stefani would be leaving her husband alone. Then again, it is Leap Year, so there is an extra day for her to ditch her husband.

Gwen Stefani was photographed, once again, without her Blake Shelton. The “Boys ‘Round Here” singer was nowhere to be found as she got ready for a night out. He was also left alone on Valentine’s Day, a day historically known as the day for couples, when Stefani made the choice to promote her new line of cosmetics.

Blake Shelton Is Alone More And More

Blake Shelton has been spending more and more time apart from Gwen Stefani. Sometimes, this is due to the choice he has made. Other times, it is due to the choices Stefani has made.

Blake Shelton is busy putting together his new tour, ” Back to the Honky Tonk Tour.” He is also promoting his television show. And, of course, Shelton is in the process of opening another bar.

Gwen Stefani’s Choices To Stay Away

Gwen Stefani has also made a lot of choices that have been taking her away from her husband. She is in the middle of launching her new line of cosmetics. She has also been working with her band, “No Doubt,” for their performance at Coachella later this year. Stefani and “No Doubt” will also be performing at the 2024 Minnesota Yacht Club Festival.

Will The Marriage Of Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Last?

With all the rumors circulating about Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani and how they powerhouse couple never spend time together, it is hard to imagine the marriage lasting much longer. Add to that their histories of failed marriages and the outcome appears to bleak.


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Shelton was married to Miranda Lambert when he met Stefani. The “Gunpowder And Lead” singer was a contestant on a reality competition show. Shelton was one of the judges. He divorced his first wife in order to marry Lambert.

If that sounds familiar, it is because that is exactly how Shelton and Stefani met. They were both judges on The Voice when they met. Blake Shelton was married to Miranda Lambert at the time and Gwen Stefani was married to Gavin Rossdale, the father of her three children.

Tell us what you think. Should Gwen Stefani being ditching her husband all the time? Does he deserve to be left behind? Do think their marriage or their careers are the most important priority to them? Sound off in the comment section below.


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