Jelly Roll, Bunnie Xo Celebrate Wins With Trip Down Memory Lane

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Jelly Roll had a couple of big wins at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. He took home the trophies for two different categories. He won for best new country artist as well as for best new pop artist. After a night like that, anyone would need to celebrate. That is exactly what Jelly Roll did. To celebrate his wins, he and his wife, Bunnie Xo took a trip down memory lane.

The iHeartRadio Music Awards

Jelly Roll was nominated for eight different awards from iHeartRadio. Only Taylor Swift had more nominations this year. She had been nominated in nine different categories.

Lainey Wilson had a big night as well. She was nominated for two awards. Those iHeart Radio nominations were for both country song of the year and country artist of the year. Her night get even bigger when she performed with the “Son Of A Sinner” singer.

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Jelly Roll And Lainey Wilson Perform “Save Me”

Jelly Roll and Lainey Wilson took to the stage to sing their megahit “Save Me.” The candles that surrounded the two country music megastars made the lyrics hit home even more.

Of course, their performance was sheer perfection. The megastar country singer sings this song with such conviction and purpose. No who saw the performance could doubt he meant every word of the song.

What The Wins Mean To Jelly Roll

After his performance with Lainey Wilson, Jelly Roll gave a speech filled with passion. He wore his humble heart on his sleeve.

“I was thinking about it, ‘What does it mean when a guy like me gets the opportunity to be the new pop artist of the year?’ It means that God will always use the least likely messenger with the biggest message every single time,” he stated.

Jelly Roll And Bunnie Xo’s Trip Down Memory Lane

Jelly Roll may not have pulled out all the typical stops for his celebration with Bunnie Xo. Instead, he pulled on his wife’s heartstrings. He took her to a bar where they had gone when they first met.

“We came to this bar in 2016 when we first got together and had nothing but a dream,” Bunnie Xo explained on TikTok.

The couple had a great time as they both celebrated the iHeartRadio Music Award wins. Bunnie Xo posted a video of their celebration. She and her husband were seen as they sang along to “Old Time Rock And Roll” by Bob Segar while they were there.

Tell us what you think. Did you watch the awards ceremony? What did you think of the trip Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo took? Do you think it was a good way to celebrate his two iHeartRadio Music Awards wins? Sound off in the comment section below.


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