Colt Ford Shares Secret About Toby Keith Everyone Should Know

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Colt Ford knows a secret about the late Toby Keith. Although the “Shoulda Named It After Me” singer may not be the only person who knows this secret, he believes everyone should know. It is a secret that shares the giant heart hidden underneath Toby Keith’s rough edges.

Toby Keith’s Death

The country music world lost a great singer and songwriter when Toby Keith passed away earlier this year. Sadly, Toby Keith lost his battle with stomach cancer. He passed away on February 5, 2024.

It was not just country music losing a great talent that broke the hearts of millions of fans around the world. Those hearts were broken because the world lost a great man. It is unknown how many of those broken-hearted people knew the extent of Toby Keith’s greatness the way Colt Ford does.

The Secret Colt Ford Knows

Colt Ford knows a secret about Toby Keith. He is more than willing to share this secret with the world. Colt Ford was able to see this secret worth sharing with the world up close and personal.

That secret is the OK Kids Korral. This is a special hospital for children who have been diagnosed with cancer. In addition to caring for children with cancer, it also offers those children’s parents a place to stay while their children are getting treatment.

Toby Keith
Toby Keith

What Colt Ford Knows

Colt Ford knows the time, effort and money it took for Toby Keith to get Ok Kids Korral up and running. He also knows Toby Keith donated a large sum of money over the years to OK Kids Korral.

“He puts about $20 mil out of his pocket to run. There’s a lot of guys doing stuff, you ain’t doing that. I know people go out and raise money and stuff, but they ain’t stroking a $20 mil check out of their pocket. First of all a very few can stroke that check…” Ford explained.


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What Colt Ford Saw

The “Waste Some Time” singer was blessed to see the impact OK Kids Korral has on families who are struggling when their child has cancer. He was able to visit OK Kids Korral with Toby Keith. Colt Ford is not shy about sharing this experience with others.

Colt Ford let his emotions get the best of himself when he shared what he saw what Toby Keith’s money had provided. He explained how a man walked up to Toby Keith to personally thank him for what he was doing for his family. The man was just an ordinary man, a blue-collar worker, who was facing an extraordinary situation. The man broke down, crying, as he told Toby Keith he was the reason his son’s cancer was being treated.

“And for a guy to just be that emotional, and to another man and just be that humble, and that grateful,” Colt Ford said. “It’s just like wow. I’d like to be able to do something like that. [Toby Keith] is a legend… for real.”

Although Toby Keith is best known for his music, there is much more to him than that. Colt Ford believes everyone should know and know about OK Kids Korral.

Tell us what you think. Did you know about OK Kids Korral? What do you think of Toby Keith donating about $20 million to help children with cancers and their families? Sound off in the comment section below.

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