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Country music fans who have been around a while may find it hard believe that the son of Reba McEntire, Shelby Blackstock, has just turned  34 years old. To celebrate her only son’s birthday, the “Whoever Is In New England” singer took to Instagram. She also shared a rare photograph of him with the post.

Reba McEntire’s Son

Reba McEntire son, Shelby Blackstock, is now 34 years old. His birthday is on February 23. He is the son of Narvel Blackstone who is McEntire’s second husband. The two do not have any other children together.

Reba McEntire has worked hard to make sure her son was not forced into the limelight that comes with her being “The Queen of Country Music,” television star as well as a movie star. This is why the photo McEntire posted on Instagram is such a rarity.

Reba McEntire And Her Instagram Post

The post on Instagram was a touching tribute to her beloved her son. The post started out showing the humorous side of Reba McEntire. She joked about how she felt “a lot better today than I did 34 years ago.” Then, the Instagram took a serious turn.

“From the first second I found out I was pregnant, up to today, this child is one of the biggest blessings of my life,” the country music superstar wrote. “Thank you, God for letting me experience being a mama. I love you, Shelby, with all my heart mind and soul.”


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Fans Of Reba McEntire React To The Birthday Post

Reba McEntire’s fans appeared to come out in full force, commenting on the country music star’s Instagram post. Many were surprised to see a photo of Shelby Blackstock. Others were amazed at how much Blackstock looks like her. There were even some who were surprised by the fact Reba McEntire’s son is now 34 years old.

“I love that his name is Shelby. Its so southern and he looks just like his mama!” one of McEntire’s Instagram followers commented.

“He looks like his Mama. Happy Birthday,” another of her followers commented. In agreement, a Reba McEntire fan added “WOW twins.”


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Reba McEntire fans were finding it hard to believe Shelby Blackstock was now 34 years old. “I remember the day they announced his birth,” one of her Instagram followers remembered. “The whole world was pulling for you and a safe delivery.” Another commented with the question “Oh my gosh… he really that old?”

Tell us what you think. Did you realize Reba McEntire’s only son is now 34 years old? Is that hard to believe? Do you think they look as much alike as many of her Instagram followers do? Were you happy to see a photo of Reba McEntire and Shelby Blackstock together? Sound off in the comments below. You can even wish him a belated happy birthday.


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