Blake Shelton Alone At His Farm Without Gwen Stefani

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Blake Shelton was alone. Again. The country music megastar videotaped himself while he was spending time on his farm. Gwen Stefani was not at his farm with him. Spending time apart is becoming old hat for the musical couple. They are rarely seen together. In fact, the couple not being seen together is quickly becoming their new normal.

Blake Shelton’s Video On His Farm

Blake Shelton videotaped himself as he spent time on his farm alone. He was wearing his trucker hat and a camouflage shirt, his typical attire. The video showed him on his tractor.

During the video, the “Boys ‘Round Here” singer made jokes about being alone. He was also singing to himself. From the sound of it, he was coming up with a song about farming.

Gwen Stefani Without Blake Shelton Again

The same day Blake Shelton videotaped himself on his farm, Gwen Stefani took to Instagram. She posted her own video on the social media platform.

The video was of her and her son, Apollo Rossdale, ice skating together. It appeared Gwen Stefani and Apollo were ice skating with a group of friends. Her former husband and Apollo’s father, Gavin Rossdale, was nowhere to be seen. Blake Shelton, her current husband, was nowhere to be soon too.

Apollo Rossdale And Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton appears to have a great relationship with his stepson, Apollo Rossdale. The two are often seen together. It was Shelton, not Gwen Stefani, who was at the boy’s flag football game not too long ago.

Seeing Shelton and Apollo seem to enjoy spending time together, one has to wonder why Blake Shelton was not ice skating with him and Stefani. It didn’t appear to be mother and son alone time since they were with a group of friends.


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Living Separate Lives

Blake Shelton is busy with this year’s tour. He is also in the middle of launching another bar. Of course, there is also his television show keeping him busy.

Gwen Stefani is busy with her old band, No Doubt, as they prepare for Coachella. She launching her new line of cosmetic and that keeps her away from Shelton as well.

By all accounts, it appears Shelton and Stefani are living separate lives. They both have their careers and other pursuits leading them in different directions. Based on their current behaviors and actions, it is hard to imagine their marriage is even a priority to either one of them.

Tell us what you think. Was Blake Shelton really making jokes about being alone or does he really feel alone? How do you feel about him not being included in Gwen Stefani and Apollo’s skating excursion? Is all this time apart going to destroy their marriage? Sound off in the comment section below.


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