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Fans of Blake Shelton are demanding Gwen Stefani to tell them where her husband is. After Stefani’s recent Instagram post, they are concerned as to where the country megastar could be. With all the time the musical couple have been spending apart in the last several months, Shelton fans are wanting to know where he is and why he isn’t with his wife.

Gwen Stefani’s Post Without Blake Shelton

Once again, Gwen Stefani has posted a video on Instagram without Blake Shelton. This is becoming old hat for the singer. In fact, seeing Stefani post something that includes Shelton is the rarity these days. This post was different though. Gwen Stefani took to Instagram and shared a video. It was of her and her son, Apollo Rossdale, ice skating. This outing is something Blake Shelton should have been included in.

The video Stefani posted showed her and Apollo ice skating. They were with a group of friends. Shelton was not anywhere to be seen. Seeing they were with friends and this was not a special mother/son moment, Shelton should have been included.


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Where Was Blake Shelton?

Instead of being with his wife and stepson, Blake Shelton was, alone, on his farm. He also posted a video the same day Gwen Stefani posted. His post showed something completely different.

The video was of him alone, on a tractor. The “I Thought There Was Time” singer was making jokes about “being alone.” He was singing to himself, almost as if he was writing a song out loud about farming.

Nothing Funny About Being Alone

Despite his jokes in his video, Blake Shelton fans did not find anything funny about him being alone. His fans bombarded Gwen Stefani’s Instagram post with questions about where her husband was. Those fans probably had yet to see Shelton’s video of him at his farm.


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“Where’s Blake??” one of Gwen Stefani’s followers asked.

Another was concerned about the state of their marriage. “Where Blake? I hope they stay together,” the comment read.

Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani’s Marital Problems

All marriages have their issues, but the marriage between these two singing superstars seem to have more than most. Those issues seem to be stemming from the fact they are never together. It looks as if they are living completely separate lives. The only time Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been seen together in the past several months to promote their latest duet they sang together.

Stefani is off promoting her new line of cosmetics. Shelton is putting together his latest tour. She is working with her old band. He is opening another bar. They are never together. This has to be a huge issue in their marriage.

Tell us what you think. Should Blake Shelton been with Stefani an Apollo when they went skating? Why was he alone instead of with his family? How serious are the problems this couple is facing. Sound off in the comment section below.

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  1. Come on people! They have lives outside of being in each others faces 24/7. If you have a spouse, does that mean you have to be together 24/7. GET a frickin’ life and leave them alone.

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