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Jelly Roll is just a nice man. He has a great heart. It is more than obvious he loves his fans as much as they love him. Because of this,  the “I Need A Favor” singer has issued a warning to his fans. Jelly Roll is telling them to be careful to not fall prey to ticket scalpers selling tickets to his “Beautifully Broken” tour.

Jelly Roll Tickets Went On Sale Yesterday

Tickets to the “Beautifully Broken” tour went on pre-sale yesterday, February 27th. Despite that, many fans had already purchased tickets to see Jelly Roll in concert. Sadly, many of them may have fallen prey to ticket scalpers. Because of this, they paid too much for their tickets.

Jelly Roll
Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll Used Facebook To Warn Fans

The “Son Of A Sinner” singer used the social media platform Facebook to warn his fans about ticket scalpers. The rapper-turned-country-music-superstar does not want his fans paying more than they have to see him in concert.

“Some people have said they already purchased tickets from websites like Stubhub and other 3rd party ticketing websites,” Jelly Rolls’ post read. “If you did, you purchased tickets that haven’t been released yet and paid way more than you could’ve gotten them for at pre-sale.”

The Real Price Of Tickets

According to his post, the tickets for the “Beautifully Broken” tickets start at $39.50. Depending on the specific seats in the specific venue, the tickets will cost more. “I want to keep prices affordable,” he explained in his post.  “And I want y’all to come enjoy a Jelly Roll show, whether it’s your first time or 100th time— thank y’all!”

Jelly Roll’s post was straight from his heart. “I want y’all to know I’m not charging $3,500 per ticket for floor seats,” he posted. “It’s the scalpers and 3rd party resellers. The only way to truly stop this is to not buy the tickets from those websites!”

“I know what you go through to get the tickets, a baby sitter, a ride to the venue, pay for parking, get a hotel room, buy merch,” Jelly Roll continued. “It all ads up and it’s not always easy. I see you and appreciate y’all, I will always keep tickets affordable for my fans.” He concluded by explaining to his fans how they could get tickets and “I’ll never steer your wrong.”

Tell us what you think. Were you aware that the tickets have already gone on sale? What do you think about the people who are scalping tickets? Do you appreciate him explaining how to avoid the scalpers and pay the correct price? What do you think of the prices for the “Beautifully Broken” tour? Sound off in the comment section below.

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