Lainey Wilson Did Jelly Roll Music Video For Almost Free In 2014

Lainey Wilson-YouTube
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Country music megastars, Jelly Roll and Lainey Wilson, had a professional relationship long before they started recording hit songs together. This relationship started in 2014, with a music video Jelly Roll was creating.

Lainey Wilson In A Music Video

Long before Lainey Wilson was a well-known and well-loved country music sensation, she was doing her best to break into country music. Because of this, she made the choice to be a part of a music video.

Lainey Wilson was cast as one of the drunk girls in a video with Jelly Roll and Uncle Cracker. “I don’t even think you can see me in the music video,” Wilson recently explained in an interview.

Jelly Roll-YouTube
Jelly Roll-YouTube

How Much Did Jelly Roll Pay Her?

“They needed extras, and I heard they were going to be paying like 100 bucks for the whole day,” Lainey Wilson stated. For a struggling singer, that must have seemed like a lot of money for a day’s work.

For reasons unknown, she didn’t get the $100. The “I Need A Favor” singer did not pay Lainey Wilson for her work on the video. “I never got my $100,” Lainey Wilson said without any hard feelings. “He’s repaying me, he’s repaying me.” With all of their work together, the amazing duo have moved past this now-laughable incident.

Little Did Jelly Roll And Lainey Wilson Know

No one could have predicted the future back way back in 2014. Little did Jelly Roll and Lainey Wilson know their lives, along with their country music careers would turn out they did. Both have achieved superstar status in the world of country music.

The two had no way of knowing their paths would cross again. It must have been a pleasant surprise for both Jelly Roll and Lainey Wilson to be working together. Not just working together, but also getting paid for the work they did together.

The Rest Is History

Now look at these two amazing and extremely talented country music singers. Both the “Son Of A Sinner” singer and the “Heart Like A Truck” singer have hit the big time in the genre of music they were born to sing. They have both won numerous country music awards. They have both had extremely popular hit songs. Despite their short time at the top of the country music food chain, both Jelly Roll and Lainey Wilson have a loyal fan base.

Tell us what you think. Did you know Lainey Wilson was in a Jelly Roll video? Were able to spot Lainey Wilson in the music video? Why do you think she wasn’t paid? What were the chances the two of them working together again after about a decade? Sound off in the comment section below with all your thoughts.


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