Elle King Finally Addresses Drunken Dolly Parton Tribute

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Country artist Elle King is ready to speak her piece. She finally addressed her drunken performance during a Dolly Parton tribute concert after major backlash. Keep reading to find out what she said about the situation.

Elle King’s Drunken Behavior Sparks Backlash

Elle King didn’t start the year off on the right foot. To ring in the new year, she co-hosted and performed at the New Year’s Eve Live: Nashville’s Big Bash. However, her performance garnered attention for the wrong reasons. Fans speculated online that the singer was more than a little tipsy during the celebration.

She never did address those rumors, but the situation only got worse a few weeks later. She was among the country singers who took the stage at the Grand Ole Opry on January 19 to honor icon Dolly Parton on her 78th birthday.

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Elle King and Rob Schneider/Credit: Elle King Instagram

However, Elle King was allegedly under the influence again. She forgot the lyrics to the Dolly Parton song she was supposed to sing. Even worse, she told the crowd that she was “f**king hammered.”

The backlash was swift and severe for comic Rob Schneider’s daughter. Many Dolly fans slammed her as disrespectful.

Dolly Parton Responds

Elle King postponed several tour dates in the aftermath of the chaotic performance. She recently returned to the stage with a subtle statement about the alcohol-fueled incident.

Word of the drunken performance got back to Dolly Parton. However, country music fans were by far more outraged than the legend herself. The “I Will Always Love You” singer gave Elle King grace, calling her a “great girl” and basically telling fans to go easy on her.

Dolly Parton / YouTube

Elle King Finally Addresses Drunken Tribute

With things patched up with Dolly Parton, Elle King is finally ready to address her fans. She took to her Instagram almost two months after the incident to reveal some insight about what happened.

Elle King is currently on tour and shared a video of her running up some stairs in a venue.

“To everyone sending me love because I’m human and already talked to Dolly I love you,” she wrote in the video. The text continued, “To everyone who told me to k*ll myself I love you too.”

“Oh no was my human showing,” Elle wrote for the post’s caption, including the hashtag #WWDD, likely meaning What Would Dolly Do?

However, this actually wasn’t the first time she alluded to the Grand Ole Opry incident. She posted a video earlier this week, presumably about the backlash.

“Ppl being mean in my dms thinking I’m sitting like this…” she wrote on a clip of her sitting in the middle of a couch, wearing a hoodie and sunglasses with her legs to her chest. She then moved to another position on the couch as the text changed to, “when really I’m sitting like this.”

Neither one of the videos includes an apology. What do you think about Elle King addressing the situation like this? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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