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No one has forgotten Elle King’s drunken performance at the birthday tribute to Dolly Parton. King’s performance shook the country music world. Dolly Parton spoke with King over the phone about the incident at the Ryman. In a recent interview, the “Coat Of Many Colors” singer explained that phone call.

All About Elle King’s Performance

In case you missed it, Elle King’s performance was unforgettable. It was unforgettable in some of the worst ways. The drunken King used profanities on stage and failed to remember the words to the Dolly Parton song she was supposed to sing to honor the “Jolene” singer.

Country music fans did not react well to King’s performance. Many were enraged. Some went as far as to call the performance “disrespectful.” Parton’s own sister even chimed in about Elle King and what happened at the Ryman.

Dolly Parton’s Conversation Contained “So Many F-Words”

The conversation Dolly Parton had with Elle King might surprise some. To others, it would be “typical Dolly.” However fans want to look at, Dolly Parton said what needed to be said when she called King.

“You know, look, there are many f words… Forgiveness, friends, forget it,” Parton said she told King when she called her. She goes to explain how the “I Told You I Was Mean” singer had “made a mistake.”

The “Dagger Through The Heart” singer believes Elle King “feels worse about it than anybody, but she’s a talented girl.” She went on to say “We all need to get over that, because she’s a great artist and a great person.” Parton went on to say she thinks King is “a doll.”


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Elle King Is Having Hard Times

Dolly Parton admitted she knows Elle King is going through some hard times. “I think she had a little too much to drink and then that all just hit her,” Dolly Parton stated.

Hard times or not, too much to drink or not, Elle King’s drunken performance was disrespectful to Dolly Parton and those who were there to pay tribute to the “I Will Always Love You” singer on her 78th birthday. The one word that stands out in the conversation Parton and King shared is “forgiveness.” 

All of this sounds like the “typical Dolly” fans around the world love and adore. She has always been a breath of fresh air to country music. Now, it appears, she wants to clear the air and move past what Elle King did.

Tell us what you think. Did you see Elle King’s performance? Does she deserve forgiveness? If Dolly Parton can forgive Elle King, shouldn’t everyone else? Can the country music world move past that one performance? Sound off with all your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below.

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