Jelly Roll Begins Big 2024 Transformation

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Superstar Jelly Roll is beginning a big 2024 transformation. Though he does not launch his Beautifully Broken Tour until the summer, he is continuing to put himself back together. Jelly’s wife, Bunnie XO showed what he was up to on her TikTok March 11th, 2024 and it was both charming and inspirational. Read on for more details.

Jelly Roll Begins Big 2024 Transformation

This is a big year for Jelly Roll as he will be launching his biggest tour ever starting toward the end of summer. He will hit so many cities and fans are ready and raring to belt out all of his hits. Along with that, he will be running a 5K in May so he is preparing his body for that mission. He has been on a weight loss journey with his wife, Bunnie XO noting Jelly eats extremely well. Now, there is one more aspect of his life that he is working on and Bunnie made sure to film the process.

Bunnie XO-YouTube
Bunnie XO-YouTube

He is getting new veneers and it was all shown on Bunnie’s TikTok. Jelly explained that he had his OG ones done twenty years ago so it was time for new ones. Plus, he was getting his wisdom teeth removed, implants, and cavities filled. It was clear he was getting very giddy and loopy from whatever they gave him to make the procedure less uncomfortable. He shared that he wanted a pretty smile and noted that when he was a kid, he had an “ugly” smile. Therefore, he would get picked on for that but no longer.

@xomgitsbunnie Sweet boy 🥹 #jellyandbunnie ♬ Acoustic Folk Instrumental – Yunusta

The final result was not shown but surely, Bunnie will share the new and improved Jelly as soon as she can. So, what did followers think of this sweet and fun video? Jelly was the first to say: “Don’t remember any of this lol.” Then, others chimed in with:

  • Amazing! Enjoy your new smile!
  • My boy Jelly Roll getting new teeth looks like he’s losing weight. Looking good buddy keep it up.
  • He has a wonderful smile and I’ll bet up those kids that made fun of u ….

What Really Hit…

Followers have known Jelly Roll to have a warm and jolly smile accompanied by a few gold teeth. However, what really hit those who saw the video was how he said he was finally taking care of stuff. They thought it was great he was taking action and some wished that they could do the same. Additionally, several wondered if Jelly had lost more weight as they noticed he looked slimmer. Finally, after learning that kids teased him for his teeth, they were ready to throw down. Fans will do anything for Jelly.

Are you excited to see the final result? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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