Keith Urban Opens Up About Worst Day As Country Artist

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Country superstar Keith Urban is opening up about his worst day as a country artist. He has been around for a very long time and has had immense success. Yet, every day is not always going to be a good day and Keith is proof of that. Read on for more details.

Keith Urban Opens Up About Worst Day As Country Artist

For over thirty years, Keith Urban has been working tirelessly in the music game. He is an accomplished guitarist and singer who gives his all in his songs and on his tours. In 2024, he released new music and fans are more than excited for what is to come. His latest single, “Messed Up As Me,” is already making waves and causing a lot of chatter:

  • Person with most and honest feel in his voice Like if you agree ❤❤🙌🙌
  • 🙌👑Keith, so raw and talented !!!
  • You have such a great voice, I could listen for hours❤️👏🙌
  • Always out of this world. Love the raw voice. Yes, Dear I am as messed up as …❤️😘🫂
Keith Urban/YouTube
Keith Urban-YouTube

However, there was a time in Keith’s life when he admitted he did not have the best time as an artist. It is well known that he struggled with addiction. Yet, he came back better than ever with his wife, Nicole Kidman, and their two children together. Now, according to Taste Of Country, he is opening up about his worst day as an artist. This happened prior to him achieving the fame he has now. He was purely an unknown person.


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It started when Keith was doing his radio tour at the beginning of his career and he was getting to know all of the important people at the stations. More so, it was a challenge because not only was he unknown but no one cared who he was.

“We got to the station, and I got my acoustic guitar with me. We walk into the station and the promo guy takes me in and we meet the manager of the station. He says ‘Oh, just go into the conference room and get your guitar out and get ready, and we will have everybody come on in.’ So I go in there and open the door and there’s a meeting going on in the conference room … so I quickly shut the door, and I went back and I said to the station manager, ‘There’s a meeting going on in there, just give it a second.'”

He was told to just go in and sing some songs, which he did for a bunch of people who really did not want to be disturbed by his presence. In the end, there was pizza and Keith admitted that it all worked out fine but it was not his finest hour.

In Demand

Despite that uncomfortable and cringeworthy moment, Keith Urban has more than bounced back. He has several tour dates for 2024 where fans can catch him at casinos and music fests. It will be a great chance to see the man in action and hopefully hear some new music. Maybe he will sneak in some radio tours with a far better reception than when he started out.

What do you think of Keith’s worst day as an artist? Finally, does that sound absolutely horrible to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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