Keith Urban Cuddles Wife Nicole Kidman’s Exquisite Derrière On Sydney Beach Date

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To be sure, country music megastar Keith Urban and his acclaimed Oscar-winning wife, Nicole Kidman, maintain a work schedule that daunts most celebrities, not to mention superstar couples, of their caliber. Clearly, though, the devoted couple and dedicated parents know how to make the most of every free hour in their daily planners, and there’s no reason why a touch of tender affection “down under” can’t be part of a family getaway with daughter, Faith, either, as Express UK, Page Six per MSN, and Australia all confirm.

Read more about Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s day of sun, style, and sweetness in Sydney.

Nicole beams in beautiful blue for beautiful moments

Famously, even at 56, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have no issues with displaying their undeniable chemistry together. In commemoration of their 15th anniversary back in 2021, the still-beautiful bride shared a lavishly loving tongue slather across her neck, with both life partners dressed to the nines.

As it happens, Country Music Alley recently probed into the concerns of some fans after Nicole Kidman shared a photo of herself wearing a T-shirt sans pants, and brandishing the “Rock on” salute. In truth, Kidman chose this style option in support of her husband and two other musicians who are raising funds for music workers through Support Act, as Kidman herself describes. Even in rare downtime, Keith Urban and his Big Little Lies leading lady always manage to support causes they care about.

Nicole Kidman’s swim ensemble was a deeper blue than the seawater during the delicious day off savored by the family. While Keith Urban donned his striking look with black swim trunks splashed with dynamic patterns of white, topped by a gray Nashville-emblazed tee, Kidman, as always, stood out among every beachgoer with her bodysuit-style paisley pattern in blue, with lace-overlay effect. Often, she mentions that her husband naturally tans. In contrast, she watches out for her natural porcelain-look complexion with long sleeves.

Blue Ain’t Your Color barreled up the charts and became an instant Keith Urban classic in 2016, but its title certainly doesn’t apply to Nicole Kidman. Undeniably, her beauty is fully waterproof. Keith decides to show his appreciation for his spouse in a way that only a husband can.

A cheeky touch

Only a handful of months shy of 18 years together, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman enjoy making the surf steamy in one particularly cozy capture. A view from behind shows the Wild Hearts artist in a relaxed and playful embrace with Nicole, resting his hand right on her superbly-toned bottom.

Perhaps this gives yet another reason for Nicole Kidman’s recent, more revealing shares on social media. Did she only want to stoke the fires of desire for her man? What wife doesn’t want a cuddle like hers?

Mother-daughter time, too

Although there were no sightings of the eldest daughter, Sunday Rose, 15, her sister, Faith Margaret, 13, apparently enjoyed her own time with her mother on the carefree gathering in the sun and sand.

For her part, Faith wore a darling pale pink short set, with the button-down top open to reveal her not-too-revealing white swim top. Her mother slipped on white linen shorts over her suit as the two were captured with genuine smiles and, assuredly, a few secrets.

In a vintage salute, Nicole Kidman wore retro sunshades and a bucket-style straw hat. Faith is only inches away from her mother’s statuesque height now. It seems like only yesterday that her parents celebrated her 10th birthday. Already, she seems to emulate her mother’s unique style, resting her sunshades casually on top of her head as she and her mom chat. The beach respite was likely an added birthday surprise for her December 29 birthday.

Time flies in the world of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, and time off flies even faster. It’s refreshing to see how this family keeps the home fires burning bright.

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