Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman Did All It Took To Rescue Each Other

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As their legions of loving fans adore, country music mega-talent, Keith Urban and his luminous, Oscar-winning wife, Nicole Kidman, never mind displaying more than a smidge of their attraction and affection for each other. At 56, and with nearly 18 years together, the top-tier talents in their own fields maintain a dizzying work schedule and show no signs of waning romantic embers. Somehow, the fiercely protective parents manage to turn rare downtime into family memories with daughters, Sunday Rose, 15, and Faith Margaret, 13, too.

Speaking of parenting, Keith Urban elaborated on his favorite Beatles song in a Showbiz CheatSheet via MSN profile, and the master shredder on guitar selected She’s Leaving Home from the foursome’s 1967 masterpiece, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Without hesitation, Urban deems the poignant ballad of a girl breaking free from the constraints of home “an exquisite arrangement.” Read on to learn more about Keith’s esteem for the song.

Whether rooted in passion or in the heart of a parent, love is beyond a feeling. It is a decision made every day. As related by Yahoo, Life & Style Magazine, and The News, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman each found ways to rescue one another from painful and potentially fatal situations in their relationship.

Nicole finds the love she needs

In a starkly revealing portrait from Dave Karger’s new book, 50 Oscar Nights: Iconic Stars & Filmmakers on Their Career-Defining Wins, the author captures Nicole Kidman’s raw despair and disappointment on what should have been the night of her life.

After earning the Oscar for her portrayal of Virginia Woolf in The Hours in 2003, Kidman recalls her attempt to celebrate at a Vanity Fair afterparty. She describes feeling “completely overwhelmed, emotional, and shaking” before returning to her hotel room, eating “room-service French fries and a burger with my family” on the floor before turning in for her big evening. The same year, the Big Little Lies star finalized her divorce from Tom Cruise.

“I need to find my love,” the future Mrs. Urban implored. She internally voiced “I need a love in my life,” because a moment like this “is supposed to be when you go ‘This is ours’.”

A battle worthy of love

As it happens, her heartfelt wish manifested into reality for Nicole Kidman not so long after that lonely night. Country Music Alley chronicled the story of Keith Urban’s pre-sunrise arrival at Nicole’s doorstep, gardenias in hand, in December 2020.

In that loving moment on her 38th birthday, Kidman knew “this is the man I hope I get to marry,” as the pair topped off the special day with a motorcycle trip to Woodstock.

Sadly, though, delightful days and devotion alone cannot triumph over every demon for mortal souls. Just four months after their marriage, Nicole Kidman staged a full-on intervention to bring Keith Urban to recovery from addiction. Simultaneously, stories of infidelity sparked by model Amanda Wyatt swirled across the media. This time, however, rather than resistance, the newlywed husband came to surrender, apology, and accountability. He recalls, “The love in that room, in that moment, was just right.”

Despite the difficulties, Nicole Kidman came to forgiveness, and Keith Urban relates being “born into her” through their shared journey.  With complete candor, Nicole assured that “I’m married to a really good man” on Today in 2020. A source close to the family stresses that Keith is the one for Nicole, who “makes her feel loved every day.”

Are the Beatles kindred to country?

Returning to the conversation on She’s Leaving Home from 2009 with, Keith Urban marvels how “the originality of that band [the Beatles] continues to dumbfound me.” Once more, the Brown Eyes Baby artist praises the track as “a magnificently original piece.” He particularly praises the arrangement, highlighted by a Greek chorus from John Lennon, with mournful, sustained notes.

Most of all, the song is a prime example of what country music and any good music do – telling a story. Paul McCartney grew up on Bill Monroe’s Blue Moon of Kentucky and performed the classic on his 1991 MTV Unplugged showcase. McCartney also made a pilgrimage to Music City in 1974 to relax and record, and memorialized visit with the country charmer, Sally G.

Of course, Beatles fans worldwide have long loved the Liverpool country twang in Ringo Starr’s voice and its perfect fit on Buck Owens’ Act Naturally, which The Fab Four released in 1965 on their Help! album, just two years after the Buck Owens & The Buckaroos version.

Yes, music and love transcend all barriers. In the case of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, another Beatles tune seems appropriate– Can’t Buy Me Love. After long searching, the couple has found what is priceless.

Do you have a favorite Keith Urban love song? Tell us about it in the comments, and keep coming back to Country Music Alley.

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