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Post Malone broke the internet when he first announced that he was working on a country album. Posty is by no means the first artist to make the jump to recording country music, but he is easily one of the most hyped. Recently, he gave his listeners a taste of a brand-new track he is working on with Morgan Wallen.

Post Malone Sets His Sights On Conquering Country Music

Post Malone has never been a one-trick pony. Just when you think you’ve seen everything he has to offer, he flips the script and comes back with something completely new. Whether he is slinging verses on top of a trap beat or covering Alice In Chains, he is never out of his depth. This is exactly the kind of versatility that his fans love about him.

When Post Malone first announced that he planned to switch genres and release a country album, it surprised many yet again. Over the years, he has proven time and again that there’s nothing he can’t do, and that there’s no genre line he can’t cross, and his millions of fans are eager to hear what he is cooking up for his country record.

Post Malone
Post Malone/YouTube

Posty Has Been Working With Chart-Topping Country Artists

When you are exploring a new field and tapping into a new market, the best thing to do is to consult the experts. Post Malone has done just that. As you do when you want to make a hit country record, you record in Nashville. Post has made himself at home rubbing elbows with the likes of Luke Combs and making sure that his country project will be as top-tier as he can possibly make it.

With as much versatility as he has as an artist, there’s no doubt in fans’s minds that Post Malone will eventually come out with a memorable country record. Based on teasers and snippets alone, he is certainly on the right track, and listeners across multiple genre lines can’t wait for the finished product to drop.

Post Malone and Morgan Wallen/Credit: YouTube
Post Malone and Morgan Wallen/Credit: YouTube

Post Malone Shares Teaser Of All-New Track With Morgan Wallen

Listeners are eager for every little morsel Malone gives them regarding his country project. Recently, he dropped a teaser for a brand-new song with Morgan Wallen, and his fans are eating it up. Post Malone shared a more polished snippet of his song with Morgan Wallen, which was also co-written by Ernest.

Morgan Wallen
Morgan Wallen/Instagram

Previously, Wallen shared a demo of the track, which was met with mixed reactions. However, this more polished version that Post Malone recently dropped the teaser for is certainly getting a better reception among his millions of followers on social media.


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This new track is the kind of party anthem you’d expect to kick off an album. It’s a catchy earworm you’d expect to hear on a Morgan Wallen record, and listeners are eager for the full version once Post Malone’s country album eventually drops.

  • The fan reactions are already pouring in, with one listener saying: “Yessss drop it!”
  • Another commenter said: “Summer of 2024 theme.”

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