Morgan Wallen Goes Completely Bald, Why?

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Among many of the things that Morgan Wallen has done in his career, he is often recognized for rocking a mullet. Recently, though, he decided to ditch that and go completely bald. Why did the country singer decide to do this?

Morgan Wallen Brought The Mullet Back

Mullet hairstyles are often the butt of jokes in pop culture. Characters in films often show up with one when they are the comic relief, or, in many cases, when they are made fun of for a good laugh. However, when it comes to country artists, the hairstyle has never gone out of fashion.

Country icons like Billy Ray Cyrus, Tim McGraw, and Garth Brooks have all sported the hairstyle at one point in time. More recently, Morgan Wallen also chose to go the same route. That only makes his most recent style choice that much more jarring. So, what did the Wasted on You singer do?

Morgan Wallen/Credit: Morgan Wallen YouTube
Morgan Wallen/Credit: Morgan Wallen YouTube

Country Star Goes Completely Bald In Shocking Move?

In his latest surprising move, Morgan Wallen ditched his mullet (and his hair altogether) for a completely bald look. Fans will barely recognize him with his fresh, cueball style. Many listeners are wondering why the singer decided to ditch his hair this time around.

Morgan Wallen had his head shaved for a good cause. He took part in a hilarious commercial to help promote Ryl Sweet Tea, a sweet tea company that he invests in.

Morgan Wallen is joined in the ad by Barstool Sports’ Sundae Conversations podcast host Caleb Pressley. Together, Pressley and Wallen are comedy gold. The pair feed off of each other in a way that’s completely natural, and viewers are loving this new promotional spot from them.


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Morgan Wallen Poking Fun At Himself?

Wallen fans know that the singer surprised everyone back in August of 2023 when he decided to ditch his trademark mullet for a bald look. He said at that time: “I didn’t like my long hair anymore, so I shaved it off.”

Morgan Wallen
Morgan Wallen/Instagram

It seems this recent ad poked fun at this previous move by teasing his bald head. It doesn’t look like he actually shaved his head a second time. Since the new commercial is meant to be funny, it shows that Morgan Wallen isn’t afraid to poke fun at himself. It’s exactly this kind of authenticity that resonates with his listeners.


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As an investor in the drink company, it makes sense for Wallen to have his very own flavor. Wallen’s Sweet Tea was inspired by his childhood, and all the memories he made growing up. Speaking of his new sweet tea, Wallen said: “A good iced tea brings back very happy memories for me, so when I found Ryl Tea, I knew I had something special that I wanted to share.”

This partnership is a smart business move for Wallen that goes beyond making hit records. It also gives him the artistic freedom to craft his own, signature tea, and make a killer ad for it.

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