Carrie Underwood Starts New Radio Station With A Twist

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Carrie Underwood fans are delighted this country music megastar and American Idol winner has started her latest venture. In this day and age, it is refreshing to see someone famous step outside the box and do what they feel is right. That is exactly what the “Jesus, Take The Wheel” singer has done.

Carrie Underwood Has A Radio Station Owner

Carrie Underwood has a radio station. This radio station is known as “Carrie’s Country.” It is part of the SiriusXM radio network. “Carrie’s Country” plays country music that has been specifically chosen by Underwood.

In addition, “Carrie’s Country” has a special segment which is played every Sunday. This special segment is known as “Savior Sunday.” It plays nothing but gospel music. Fans of Underwood love “Savior Sunday.”

Carrie Underwood-YouTube
Carrie Underwood-YouTube

Carrie Underwood Starts New Radio Station

The “Temporary Home” singer has started a new radio station. Just like her other radio station, “Carrie’s Country,” is is part of the SiriusXM radio network. The country music superstar is calling it “Savior Sunday Daily.”

The Sunday special segment was so popular, Underwood started a radio station dedicated to gospel music. “Savior Sunday Daily” will play nothing but gospel music. Her fans could not be happier.

Getting Back To Her Roots

The Oklahoma native is getting back to her roots. Carrie Underwood grew up in church. She started singing in church when she was a young child.

Underwood grew up in Checotah, Oklahoma. It is a small town about halfway between Oklahoma City and the Arkansas border. It is in that small town where she discovered her love (and talent) for music.

Carrie Underwood Explains Her Choice

Carrie is not shy about her faith. She is known for adding a gospel to song to her many different albums. Underwood eagerly explained her decision to start a gospel radio station.

“We had a couple of little churches we went to. I remember my first being very tiny with wooden pews. That was probably one of my earliest music memories, singing these hymns in the congregation, and being on stage and singing in front of people for the first time,” Carrie Underwood stated. “It was always just familiar. These hymns are like a warm hug, just sweet familiar songs I’ve been singing and listening to my whole life.”

Carrie Underwood went on to say “This music shaped who I am as a person and is the foundation of my career as a recording artist. I feel blessed to get to be able to create a destination to share these songs with generations of people who love them as I do, as well as others who might be experiencing them for the first time.”

Tell us what you think. Did you know Carrie Underwood owned radio stations? Will you be tuning into “Savior Sunday Daily?” Sound off in the comment section below.

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