Dolly Parton Reacts To Beyoncé Covering Her Classic Hit ‘Jolene’

Dolly Parton and Beyoncé/Credit: Instagram
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Beyoncé dropped the tracklist of her highly-anticipated country album. Dolly Parton reacts to a cover of her hit song “Jolene.” What does she think about the crossover artist taking on one of her biggest songs? Keep reading for all the details.

Cowboy Carter Tracklist

Beyoncé surprised everyone by announcing during the Super Bowl in February that she’s been secretly recording a country music album. She jumped right into the genre by releasing two tracks off the upcoming album, including “Texas Hold ‘Em.”

Country radio was initially reluctant to play the songs but eventually gave in due to high demand. More information has come out about the album. Cowboy Carter drops on Friday, March 29.

Dolly Parton/Credit: Dolly Parton Instagram
Dolly Parton/Credit: Dolly Parton Instagram

Days before the release, the singer shared a post on social media with artwork of the song titles on a vintage poster. The tracklist includes 26 songs:

  • “American Requiem”
  • “Blackbird”
  • “16 Carriages”
  • Protector”
  • “My Rose”
  • “Smoke Hour”
  • “Texas Hold ‘Em”
  • “Bodyguard”
  • “Jolene”
  • “Daughter”
  • “Spaghetti”
  • “Alligator Tears”
  • “Smoke Hour II”
  • “Just for Fun”
  • “II Most Wanted”
  • “Levii’s Jeans”
  • “Flamenco”
  • “The Linda Martell Show”
  • “YaYa”
  • “Oh Louisiana”
  • “Desert Eagle”
  • “Riverdance”
  • “II Hands II Heaven”
  • “Tyrant”
  • “Sweet Honey Buckin'”
  • “Amen.”

The poster was confirmation that Beyoncé did cover Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.” How does Dolly feel about that?

Dolly Parton Reacts To Beyoncé Covering Her Classic Hit ‘Jolene’

Dolly Parton is usually supportive of other female artists, so it’s no surprise that she wholeheartedly supported Beyoncé taking on “Jolene.” But she’s also a fan of self-promotion.

She used the momentum of the anticipated album to remind people that no one can sing a Dolly Parton song like Dolly. She reposted the poster with the tracklist on her own social media and included a link to the original on Spotify. Dolly did tag Beyoncé, a move that may bring the classic country song to a whole new generation.

Credit: Dolly Parton Instagram
Credit: Dolly Parton Instagram

Dolly Parton’s Voice Will Appear On Album

Entertainment Tonight notes that the names Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson appear on the promotional poster for Cowboy Carter. The outlet speculated that the new album could sample Dolly or Willie’s music, or perhaps the singers would join Beyoncé on the album.

The details are clearer now on why Dolly Parton’s name is on the poster. According to journalist Daric L. Cottingham, a voicemail from Dolly to Beyoncé is featured on the album as an interlude called “Dolly P.” What does the voicemail say?

“Hey miss Honey B, it’s Dolly P. You know that hussy with the good hair you sing about? Reminding me of someone I knew back when except she has flamin’ locks of auburn hair”

Cowboy Carter drops on Friday, March 29. Are you excited for the “Jolene” cover? Sound off in the comments.

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