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Jelly Roll has decided to come clean. He is now willing to share some of his inside secrets about his life on tour. The “Son Of A Sinner” singer is letting his loyal fans know what is happening when he is touring around the country.

Backstage Rituals

Like many other touring singers and musicians, Jelly Roll has some backstage rituals. These backstage rituals take place whether he is performing a concert or appearing on an awards show.

“We listen to music, hang out before the show then right before taking the stage we gather before we take the stage in a circle with the band and entire team and say a prayer and get hyped to go out there and perform,” Jelly Roll explained.

He can’t leave out the kiss from his backstage routine. Jelly Roll would not want to go on stage without his “kiss from the wife.” Bunnie Xo and the “Save Me” singer have been married since 2016.

In The Dressing Room

Jelly Roll described what it is like in his dressing room. He is a fan of having good vibes in his dressing room. The country music megastar said his dressing room was a place where “friends and family gathering and catching up with old and new friends in each city.”

Seeing he has been wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, the “I Need A Favor” singer explained recent changes to his time in his dressing room. “I’ve been focusing more on my health recently – so we’ve added time before to take a min and a breath before the show too.”

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Jelly Roll After The Show

Jelly Roll also has a few things he likes to do after he performs for his fans. He loves to do a little celebrating after his performances. Jelly Roll admitted his ideal afterparty includes “the band, the family, the team, tequila.”

Of course, this beloved country music singer loves to meet even more of his fans after his concerts. In addition to his family, his team and his band, he enjoys “meeting more of the fans [and] playing demos of the new music.”

The Best Fan Encounter For Jelly Roll

During a recent interview, Jelly revealed the best fan encounter of his career. This happened when he was performing last year in Las Vegas, Nevada. That was when met a fan, a 70-year old fan who was attending the show with his wife.

“I knew he was a veteran because the hat he was wearing said so, he was very proud,” the country music singer stated. “Seeing that man and his wife enjoy the concert was one of the most surreal moments of tour – I was proud to have him as a fan. I asked security to bring him backstage and we talked for close to an hour – it really meant a lot to me.”

Tell us what you think. Are these things you would expect from Jelly Roll when he is performing? Did any of his backstage rituals or afterparty celebrations surprise you? Sound off in the comment section below.

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