Bunnie XO Shares Sweet, Big Milestone With Daughter

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Bunnie XO recently shared a huge but sweet milestone with her daughter, Bailee Ann. She and Jelly Roll are proud parents to the sixteen-year-old. He also shares custody of a son, Noah, who is seven. So, what did mother and daughter go off and do? Keep reading for more details.

Bunnie XO Shares Sweet, Big Milestone With Daughter

When Bunnie XO married Jelly Roll, she did not just get a doting husband but she also gained a loving daughter. Bailee and Bunnie have gone through things like any mother-and-daughter duo. However, they also have a lot of fun together, and recently, they did Bailee’s sweet sixteen birthday party shoot. She will turn sixteen in May but they have been pulling out all of the stops to get ready for the big day. Bailee has been candid about the trauma she went through growing up. Plus, her father was behind bars when she was born.

Bunnie XO-YouTube
Bunnie XO-YouTube

Now, she goes everywhere with him and she even wrote a song for him which they dueted. Life has completely turned around and now, Bunnie got to share in a milestone with Bailee. She shared a video on TikTok of a big day. Jelly and Bunnie had told Bailee that she could get any car she wanted for her first ride. Of course, they gave her a budget but she could choose anything. Now, they were headed to pick it up and Bailee was so excited.

@xomgitsbunnie Brb going to cry 😭 #baileeandbunnie ♬ Never grow up – 🪐Saturn🪐 (Taylor’s version)

Bailee chose a white GMC truck and followers loved that so much. Bunnie XO called her their “country girl.” They appreciated that she went for something completely different than a regular car and loved sharing in the moment:

  • I loved that she picked a truck!!! 🖤
  • wasn’t expecting that but I absolutely LOVE it!!!
  • Aweee 🤗 These are the saddest but best moments ever. Xx 💕
  • Ugh! It’s hard watching them drive off first time!! Then you have a good cry 🥺
  • what a wonderful gift. I’m so happy for her. you and jelly roll are great parents

A High Budget

Though so many were thrilled for Bailee and knew she was extremely grateful, the budget did become a topic. Many of Bunnie XO’s followers noted this was a vehicle they could never afford no matter how hard they worked. They also added they thought the budget would be in the teen range. At the same time, they did love how Bunnie and Jelly Roll could give this to their daughter.

This was a beautiful milestone and moment and it was amazing of Bunnie to share it with her followers. Congrats to Bailee. Did you think she would pick a truck? Let us know your thoughts on her new ride in the comments below.

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