Jelly Roll’s Daughter Talks About Her Mother’s Drug Addiction

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Jelly Roll has been very upfront about his past. The “Song Of A Sinner” singer openly shares all about his issues with drug abuse, being a drug dealer and the time he spent in prison for dealing drugs. He has even shared how his ex-wife had many of the same issues.  Despite his openness about his past, his daughter has yet to reveal much about her mother’s drug addiction. Until now. Bailee Ann, Jelly Roll’s daughter, is finally opening up her mother’s past.

About Jelly Roll’s Daughter

Bailee Ann is now 15 years old. She has only been in Jelly Roll and Bunny Xo’s custody for eight years. She revealed her mother, Felicia Beckwith was released from prison only two days before her 12th birthday in 2020. That was when she and Beckwith started to reconnect as mother and daughter.

Both Jelly Roll and  Bunny Xo supported Bailee Ann’s decision to reconnect with her mother. Sadly, their attempt at reconnecting and starting a healthy relationship did not work out very well for Bailee. In fact, things got much worse than before.

What did Jelly Roll’s Ex-Wife Do To Their Daughter?

Only two years into Bailee and Felicia Beckwith’s attempt to reconnect, Beckwith starting giving Bailee Ann both drugs and alcohol. This happened when Jelly Roll’s daughter was spending the summer with her mother. She was only 14 years old.

“We start drinking together, and I’m like, ‘Okay, you’re just a cool mom,'” Bailee Ann recalled. Beckwith also gave the young teenager marijuana.

The Fourth Of July That Went Bad

Bailee Ann revealed how her mother was giving her harder drugs by July. Jelly Roll’s daughter never said what those harder drugs were, but she did state the one of drug were her mother’s “drug of choice.”

Bailee Ann explained how the first time she used her mother’s drug of choice as in an “empty Dollar General parking lot” when she was already “drunk as s–t.” This all happened after a Fourth of July party. Jelly Roll’s daughter didn’t want to do this particular drug. Despite this, Beckwith convinced her daughter to do it anyway.

“She did the mom thing,” Bailee Ann revealed. “It’s weird to say, ‘Did the mom thing,’ but it’s the best I can put it in terms of how persuasive she was. It’s not a mom thing, but it’s my mom thing.” She went on to add that Beckwith is “manipulative.”

Jelly Roll And Bunny Xo Did Not Know

Jelly Roll and his wife, Bunny Xo, were unaware what Beckwith was manipulating Bailee Ann into doing. Sadly, the teenager was, as she put it, “rarely sober.” Sadly, she went on to say “Whether it was weed or I was drinking or I was vaping or snorting Valiums or Xanax or whatever I was doing.”

Both Jelly Roll and Bunny Xo knew something was wrong, but they chalked it up to “teenage moodiness.” The “I Need A Favor” singer’s wife admitted she was “horrified” when she realized how much worse things could have gotten for Bailee Ann. “What if she had killed her own daughter?” Bunny Xo asked.


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Jelly Roll And Daughter’s Life Now

Thankfully, Bailee Ann’s life is much different now. With the help of Jelly Roll and her stepmother, she has quit drinking and doing drugs. There were able to get Bailee Ann into therapy.

Jelly Roll and Bunny Xo have full custody of Bailee Ann now. Jelly Roll’s daughter didn’t mention anything about having a relationship with her mother now. After what she has been through, it would be difficult for any teenager to put themselves at such risk.

Tell u what you think. Did you know about Felicia Beckwith’s issues with drugs and alcohol? How do you think Jelly Roll and Bunny Xo handled the situation with Bailee Ann? Should they allow her to try to start a relationship with her again? Sound off in the comment section below.

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