Bunnie XO Learns Life Story Is Movie-Worthy?

Bunnie XO-YouTube
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Did Bunnie XO just learn that her life story is movie-worthy? She has been through a lot and is very candid about her past which has brought her to where she is today. So, will all of the trials and tribulations soon play out on the big screen? Keep reading for more details.

Bunnie XO Learns Life Story Is Movie-Worthy?

Several months back, Bunnie XO revealed that she was writing a tell-all. As much as she puts it out on the table, there is so much more that she has and wants to share with her faithful followers. She has her podcast where she is extremely relatable. Yet, her rise has not been an easy one, and her husband, country superstar, Jelly Roll will attest to this. He shared that they set up a five-year plan when they got together. Then, they far exceeded it and ended up deciding to make a life plan because their dreams had come true.

Bunnie XO-YouTube
Bunnie XO-YouTube

With Bunnie’s book coming out, she has admitted some people have come out of the woodwork. They want to either tell her that her memories are wrong or force her to change the narrative. Some do not like the way that they will be portrayed but this is her story to tell and that is that. Bunnie has just shared her book proposal with her agent and it was so well received. She showed the feedback that she got and it was what dreams are made of.

Bunnie XO-Facebook
Bunnie XO-Facebook

This was clearly more than Bunnie could have ever dreamed of when she decided to put the pen to paper. However, her agent sees big things ahead and her followers are beyond thrilled for Bunnie and what is to come:

  • You’re so great at telling a story. I can’t wait to read this!!!!
  • A couple of nights ago I was thinking that a movie needs to be made about you, Jelly Roll and the family.
  • So Excited for You!! I Can’t Wait for it to come out!! ❤

A Big Year Ahead

This will be a big year for Jelly Roll and Bunie XO. Not only is she getting a new podcast area and working on her book but her husband is prepping for a 5K. So far, he has dropped around 70 pounds and wants to go for even more before he heads out on tour. His Beautifully Broken Tour begins in August 2024 and will hit more places than ever before. They have a lot going for them and it is only the beginning.

Would you like to see Bunnie’s life story play out on the big screen? More so, are you excited to read her tell-all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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