Gabby Barrett Calls Out Mean Girl Clique In Country Music

Gabby Barrett
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Outspoken country star Gabby Barrett called out a lot of people in Nashville with her recent comments. More specifically, she called out the Mean Girl clique that exists among the stars in the genre, and she had plenty to say about it.

Gabby Barrett Has Never Been Afraid To Be Herself

In all aspects of life, there are people who go along with the status quo. These people never rock the boat, and always stay in their lane. Gabby Barrett is not one of these people. Barrett has made a name for herself by being herself, unapologetically so.

One thing about Gabby Barrett is, she calls it just as she sees it. This is true even when what she has to say may ruffle some feathers and get under some skin. In the entertainment industry, and in life, a lot of it comes down to who you know. As for Barrett, she isn’t afraid to speak her truth, even when it means pissing some people off along the way.

Gabby Barrett on Instagram
Gabby Barrett on Instagram

Barrett Calls Out Fake People In The Industry

One issue that comes up a lot is female representation in country music. These days, listeners may think of chart-toppers like Miranda Lambert or Carrie Underwood. If you go back a little further, you also have icons like Reba McEntire and Faith Hill.

The way Gabby Barrett tells it, not everyone in the industry who claims to be on your side is actually on your side when it comes right down to it.

Barrett said recently via an Instagram Q&A: “My whole life through school and through my music career I have seen so many girls say they are ‘For the girls’ but actually AREN’T. A lot of the times, atleast in my experience, they are the same people that tend to give you the cold shoulder. They’re ‘for the girls’ THEY like. It’s sad but it is what it is.”

Gabby Barrett
Gabby Barrett/Instagram

Gabby Barrett Calls Out Hypocrisy

The Glory Days singer is an accomplished artist in her own right. Barrett has two number-one singles to her credit, as well as three songs that broke the top ten.

Of course, it’s nothing new for people to appear to support you, or say something nice to your face, only to stab you in the back.

As for Barrett, she clearly isn’t afraid to speak on these issues, blatantly calling out the industry’s hypocrisy. For this reason, Barrett certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Gabby Barrett [Source: YouTube]
Gabby Barrett [Source: YouTube]
However, for those who truly resonate with Gabby Barrett, her music, her political leanings, and even her outspoken tenacity, her fans love her for calling out things that many may sweep under the rug or fail to acknowledge altogether.

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