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Morgan Wallen’s recent felony incident in a Nashville bar may have added to his image as a country music bad boy, but, there are also potential legal consequences to contend with. Based on the most recent updates, a new hearing date was set. So, what do we know so far about how things are progressing?

Morgan Wallen Arrested Back In April

Morgan Wallen was arrested back in April for allegedly throwing a chair from a six-story rooftop Nashville bar. The chair allegedly landed close to two police officers down below. Following the chair-throwing incident, Wallen was charged with three counts of reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct.

An insider spoke of Morgan Wallen and his temperament to PEOPLE. When the singer isn’t drinking, he is a “fun person to hang out with,” according to the insider. However, when drinking comes into play, Wallen “doesn’t know when to stop.”

Morgan Wallen/Credit: SNL YouTube
Morgan Wallen/Credit: SNL YouTube

Drunken Bar Incident A Good Thing?

On the one hand, being charged with felonies is never a good thing. On the other, however, Morgan Wallen getting arrested how he did is exactly the kind of thing that fits with his image as a rebel country music star. Wallen wants to open his own bar in Nashville, and public relations experts have said that this kind of publicity will only help him, and make people want to check out his bar when it opens.

Certainly, having a drunken, chair-throwing, felony incident like this fits with the rockstar image that Wallen portrays. However, this can often be all fun and games until actual consequences come into play. So, what’s the latest on everything going on in the aftermath of this incident?

Morgan Wallen/Credit: Morgan Wallen Instagram
Morgan Wallen/Credit: Morgan Wallen Instagram

Judge Sets New Hearing Date In Wallen Case

Morgan Wallen’s lawyer, Worrick Robinson, attended a court hearing on the singer’s behalf on Friday, May 3. After discussion among the attorneys and the judge, a new hearing date is now set for August 15 in Nashville.

Addressing the current state of things with this situation, Morgan Wallen’s lawyer said: “This is obviously a very complicated case and it’s not going to resolve itself without subpoenas and witnesses. The attorney went on, adding: “We’ll work on the case on our end and then Morgan will be here on August 15th.”

Morgan Wallen
Morgan Wallen/YouTube

Worrick Robinson went on: “Several things can happen — we might have a hearing, we might settle the case or the case might be continued. Those are the options. We’re not required to enter a plea of any type.”

Based on this, there will be a significant gap between now and when all of this resumes with a new hearing. So, Morgan Wallen fans will have to wait and see what happens on August 15 to know more.

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