Dolly Parton Shares Her Unfiltered Thoughts On ‘9 To 5’ Remake

Dolly Parton/Credit: YouTube
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Jennifer Aniston is reportedly producing a new version of the 1980 flick 9 to 5. What does Dolly Parton think of the remake? Keep reading to see her reaction.

Jennifer Aniston Producing 9 to 5 Remake

Jennifer Aniston has taken more of a role behind the scenes than on camera in recent years. The Friends star has produced several projects but her latest might have mixed reactions. She is reportedly producing a remake of the movie 9 to 5.

The 1980 hit starred Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Dolly Parton as three secretaries forced to endure the sexual advances of their boss. The three join forces against their sexist boss and fantasize about various ways they would murder him.

It was Dolly Parton’s first acting role. She also wrote and recorded the movie’s theme, and “9 to 5” is still a bop.

Dolly Parton/Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Oscar-winning writer Diablo Cody is writing the script, but instead of calling it a remake, they are calling it a “reimagining.” What that looks like will become clearer once more is known about the upcoming project.

Dolly Parton Shares Unfiltered Thoughts

Dolly Parton loves to tell the story of how she came up with the song’s iconic opening notes. The first thing listeners hear when the song begins is the sound of a typewriter. But it’s actually Dolly Parton tapping her fingernails.

Her song arguably helped make the movie a huge success. So, how does she feel about the remake? She shared her thoughts with E! News and didn’t hold back. The entertainment superstar couldn’t contain her excitement about the remake. And she gave Jennifer Aniston the go-ahead.

Dolly Parton and Jennifer Aniston both starred in Dumplin’. The topic came up while filming the 2018 Netflix movie.

“Years ago, when we did the movie Dumplin’, there was some mention she might want to do 9 to 5, and I said, ‘Oh, that would be great.’”

She added that she wants her song to appear in the remake. But is she open to appearing in it herself?

“I’m hoping they might find a way to have Lily, Jane and me come back in.”

Dolly Parton/Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Who She Thinks Should Star

The iconic movie came out 44 years ago this December. A lot has changed in the workplace environment in the last forty years. And Dolly Parton credits some of those changes to the film.

“It’s really amazing to be part of something that really can change the course of life for anybody. I really think this brought a lot of attention to [gender] equality.”

And she knows the perfect person to continue on in the remake. Her goddaughter, Miley Cyrus. She told E! News that the “Wrecking Ball” singer would be great in the role because she knows how much it meant to Dolly Parton.

What do you think of the idea of remaking 9 to 5? Sound off in the comments.

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