Dolly Parton Dishes To Tim McGraw On Why Her ‘9 To 5’ Role Wasn’t Her Best

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Dolly Parton and Tim McGraw both earn titles as indisputable legends in country music.  Besides knowing the glory and the gaggle of continuous ups and downs in chasing their dreams, both artists use their platforms for social good.  In addition, the “How Bad Do You Want It” singer and the songwriter credited with between 3000-4000 songs both branched out into acting and successful film careers. Fans have their roles firmly etched into memory for time immemorial.

Tim McGraw talks with and takes insight from nearly all of his heroes on his Apple music series, Beyond The Influence.  Back in January, he visited with Bruce Springsteen, who remembered McGraw’s timely, uplifting encouragement, as Country Music Alley notes.  Dolly Parton takes her turn as Tim’s interview subject this week, and the hit-making host decides to delve straight-off into Dolly Parton’s dive into acting, as MSN per Today and ET Canada confirm.

Not surprisingly, Dolly Parton is at her gracious and playful best with Tim McGraw.  The “Just Because I’m a Woman” artist shares her plan for starring in 9 to 5 and the role she portrays much better than a secretary, in her opinion!

Dolly Parton had a blame game in her playbook

Not by coincidence, Dolly Parton confesses that by the time 9 to 5 came her way, she had been asked “a lot of times” about movie roles.  Parton continuously credits her knack for timing in career moves, and the 1980 comedy came right on time with just the right castmates.

“Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin were so hot at the time,”  Dolly Parton describes.  She understood that this was the perfect opportunity to jump into films.  “If it was a big hit, I’d share in the glory of it– if it was a failure, I’d blame it all on them, and just walk away,” Dolly playfully scoffs.  Of course, not only is 9 to 5 ranked as the 20th highest-grossing comedy film and The American Film Institute’s 100 Funniest Movies but also, the groundbreaking comedy sparked a lasting friendship between the trio of female leading ladies.  On a sad note, the film’s screenwriter-director, Colin Higgins, passed away from an AIDS-related illness at age 47 in 1988.  He also earned acclaim for Harold and Maude and Foul Play.

Even from her first film, Dolly Parton displays her business savvy.  As part of her negotiations in joining the film, Dolly secures writing and singing the theme song.  Her “cup of ambition” is still inspiring workforces around the world.  Needless to say, the song royalties still roll in for Dolly, too.


Her role as Doralee Rhodes doesn’t take the cake for Dolly

As it happens, Dolly Parton got lots of golden advice and coaching from the man she was out to get on-screen, Dabney Coleman.  The Texas-born star who played Mr. Hart had a heart for helping Dolly out, along with Lily and Jane.  He didn’t hold being hogtied against the first-time leading lady.  Never mind the script lines, Dolly Parton never speaks a bad word about Dabney Coleman or her supportive friends from 9 to 5.

Speaking of Texas, Dolly Parton takes on the role of Truvy in the 1989 classic, Steel MagnoliasParton immaculately captures the essence of the beautician born to do “good hair.”  Dolly relates that if music hadn’t overtaken her life direction, she certainly had the skills to be a beautician.  By the time she came to me Herbert Ross film, she confidently reminds him that “I’m not an actress– I’m Dolly Parton.” Once again, her castmates rally and declare that Dolly doesn’t need to be anyone but herself as she assumes a part.

Tim never sees this coming

Leave it up to Dolly Parton, however, to throw Tim McGraw a curveball he never expects. Right after the host praises how Parton creates such a memorable persona that people forget that Dolly Parton is on-screen, the actress offers a memorable tidbit to cherish.

“Although I made a better whore that I did a secretary,” Dolly Parton interjects into the conversation, referring to 1982’s The Best Little Wh@rehouse in Texas, alongside Burt Reynolds and a cavalcade of storied actors.  As expected, the robust chuckle from Tim McGraw is priceless.

Ending on notes of faith and love

Dolly Parton never lets age dictate her projects or her passion for life.  She adamantly insists that her desire is to die performing on stage, preferably to one of her own songs.  She speaks from the heart in, saying that she’s never led astray in following “my gut” (her deepest instincts) when it comes to any project or endeavor.

Passion is alive and well in Dolly Parton’s world.  She surprises her husband of 55 years, and 57 betrothed to each other, Carl Dean, with a fetching Playboy-Esque pose of her own to fulfill a promise.   Living with love in action is part of Dolly Parton’s credo.  She elaborates to Tim McGraw how she is guided by the Bible verse of Luke 12: 48, “to whom much is given, much shall be required.”  At 75, Dolly Parton is doing, giving, and loving more than ever as she lives to the fullest.  She closes the conversation with “Love you, Tim– sure wish we could sing together sometime.”  Multitudes of fans wish the same thing, Dolly, and not one second too soon!

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