Billy Ray Cyrus Cites Infidelity As Reason For Split

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Billy Ray Cyrus is now citing infidelity as another reason for his split from musician, Firerose. The two were married for seven months before he filed for divorce. Yet, he really would prefer an annulment. So, what else is the country superstar alleging? Keep reading for more details.

Billy Ray Cyrus Cites Infidelity As Reason For Split

The Billy Ray Cyrus/Firerose split is getting messier by the day. When he and Tish Cyrus ended their marriage in early 2022, it made sense. That was the third time Tish had filed for divorce and they had been living their own lives. Then, he started spending more time with Firerose, whom he had recorded a duet with a year prior. More so, they had known each other for around a decade and she looked up to him as a true mentor. By the Summer of 2022, they were clearly a couple, and by the end of the year, they were engaged.

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Billy Ray Cyrus, Firerose- Instagram

In October 2023, the two tied the knot and recorded more music together. It felt like they had found their peace within one another but that would not last. He filed for a divorce citing irreconcilable differences. Then, he switched it to an annulment and claimed there was fraud within the marriage. He has offered to pay for a place for Firerose to live in for 90 days or until the divorce is finalized, whichever comes first. Now, it seems more is coming out about their split. According to The Sun, Billy Ray is citing infidelity as a factor.

An insider shared this information about the couple and their relationship:

“Billy and Firerose were always fighting and the relationship was intense and toxic at times. Billy accused Firerose of cheating and it was the final straw for him.”

Along with that, Billy Ray claimed that Firerose charged around $96K on his credit cards in a two-week timespan. She maintained that she was never put on a limit and always had free access to his cards. The father of five denies this and there is a request for a restraining order against Firerose.

Familial Struggles

Since Billy Ray Cyrus married Firerose, most of his kids were not happy. His daughter, Miley Cyrus was so upset that she actually left her dad out of her first Grammy speech. Now that he is on his way to being a single man, the hope is that everyone can reconnect and find some common ground. The insider added this about his children:

“Miley is hopeful this will give some peace to the family and she thinks this is a good step in the right direction for him.”

Billy Ray’s daughter, Noah Cyrus has stood by her father’s side throughout all of this. It is just sad that this came crumbling down so hard. Are you shocked at the harsh demise of Billy Ray and Firerose or did you expect this all along? Let us know in the comments below.

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