Billy Ray Cyrus Files For Divorce After Less Than A Year

Billy Ray Cyrus, Firerose-Instagram
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Billy Ray Cyrus has filed for divorce from Firerose after less than a year of marriage. The two had known each other for over a decade when they made their romance official. More so, he seemed like he had finally found peace after struggling with Tish Cyrus for three decades. So, what happened? Keep reading for more details.

Billy Ray Cyrus Files For Divorce After Less Than A Year

When Tish Cyrus filed for divorce from Billy Ray Cyrus in early 2022, it was the third time that this had happened. They had been living apart and things clearly were not working between the two of them. Yet, he had done a beautiful duet the summer prior with Firerose whom he had known for years. It was platonic until clues gave it away that they were falling in love. By the end of 2022, the two were engaged as fans spotted a massive rock on Firerose’s ring finger. At the same time, Tish had moved on with Prison Break star, Dominic Purcell and they soon got engaged as well.

Firerose, Billy Ray Cyrus-Instagram
Firerose, Billy Ray Cyrus-Instagram

Firerose and Billy Ray claimed they were in no rush to tie the knot but did wed in October 2023. Unfortunately, his daughter, Miley Cyrus seemingly wanted nothing to do with him upon his courtship with Firerose. Yet, she was by her mother’s side when she got remarried. Now, it appears that Billy Ray’s spark with Firerose has fizzled out. According to TMZ, he was the one who filed and it happened in May 2024. The two are also no longer following each other on Instagram.

In a twist, though, Billy Ray does not actually want a divorce but rather an annulment. He states that the marriage is fraudulent and had given Firerose until May 24th to leave his home. So, this has been going on behind closed doors for weeks now. However, when it came to the prospect of divorce, he cited irreconcilable differences as well as “inappropriate marital conduct.” In a twist, Billy is offering something to his ex as it seems he wants to look like the good guy.

A Roof Over Her Head

Billy Ray Cyrus is willing to keep a roof over Firerose’s head for 90 days or until the divorce is finalized, whichever happens first. He will pay $5K a month for his soon-to-be third ex-wife to find appropriate living arrangements in Tennessee. This will be done on the 1st of each month. Prior to marrying Firerose, Billy Ray was with Tish Cyrus for around thirty years. She was his second wife as he was with Cindy Smith for five years first.

Are you shocked that the marriage has ended so quickly? More so, do you think that this will bring Billy Ray and Miley back together? Let us know in the comments below.

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