Jelly Roll Admits Being ‘Worst Criminal Ever’

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Country superstar Jelly Roll admits to being the “worst criminal ever.” He has quite the past, being locked up around forty times. Now, he is sharing why he could not make it as a true bad boy and a rough-and-tumble criminal. Keep reading for more details on what Jelly had to say.

Jelly Rolls Admits Being ‘Worst Criminal Ever’

The one thing about Jelly Roll is that he does not hide the fact that he was incarcerated and has had a bad boy past. He was in jail when his first child, daughter, Bailee Ann was born. More so, he knows that he put his mother through so much. Now that he has achieved immense success and has custody of Bailee, he is dedicated to giving back. He wants to show other inmates that there is light at the end of the tunnel regardless of what they think. Jelly has a very happy marriage to his wife, Bunnie XO, and together, they raise Bailee.

Jelly Roll-YouTube
Jelly Roll-YouTube

Plus, he has joint custody of his son, Noah with an ex. There is so much that could have gone wrong in his life but he is consistently expressing gratitude. Now, Jelly is opening up about why he was a horrible criminal. According to Taste Of Country, he was recently a guest on The Howard Stern Show and shared an interesting experience with the cops. At the age of 15, he tried to run from the police. However, it did not turn out exactly as he had planned. First off, Stern wondered how Jelly got caught so many times. To that, Jelly simply responded:

“I was the worst criminal ever. My successfulness of running from the police was zero in 20.”

That was when he went into detail about the time he was 15 and attempted to make an (unsuccessful) run for it:

“You know how Xanax makes you a little slow anyways? In my mind when the police pulled us over, I was like, ‘I’m just gonna run.’ So I opened the door, and in my mind, I jumped out [of the car], sprinted across the field and almost made it.”

Unfortunately for a young, high, and overweight Jelly, he did not make it very far at all:

“I was so fat and Xanax-ed out I stood out and got two steps. The cop was standing there watching me, and I fell, and he just laid on top of me.”

Luckily, he was not charged for running as the cop felt so bad for him and his pathetic attempt to try and run away.

Haunted By The Past

Though he has drastically changed from the 15-year-old trying to evade cops on Xanax, Jelly Roll is still haunted by his past. He still cannot do things he would like to due to being a felon, one of them being to travel overseas for shows. Plus, he was denied a home in 2023. That was because the homeowner’s association didn’t want a felon living in the neighborhood. Regardless, Jelly is still living his best life. He ran a 5K and is preparing for more as he lost around 70 pounds in training. There is also his Beautifully Broken Tour which launches at the end of August 2024. He may still have more to combat but he’s come too far to stop now.

What do you think of Jelly Roll being a horrible criminal? Can you imagine him trying to run and then collapsing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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