Wynonna Judd Admits She Talks To Late Mom During Shows

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Wynonna Judd admits that she still talks to her late mom, Naomi Judd, during most of her shows. The two were supposed to embark on a tour as The Judds before Naomi took her own life in April 2022. Now, Wynonna is sharing how she ensures her mother is still very much alive. Keep reading for more details.

Wynonna Judd Admits She Talks To Late Mom During Shows

It was a devastating day when Naomi Judd tragically took her own life, not just for fans but for her two daughters. Her younger daughter, actress Ashley Judd, was with her when this happened. As for her older daughter, Wynonna Judd, the two had planned a tour together which fans had been waiting for. It had been years in the making and Wynonna could have easily canceled it. Instead of doing so, she opted to keep going on her own though she did invite some of the best in country music to join her. It has not been easy in the last two years but Wynonna has kept on persevering.

Naomi Judd via YouTube
Naomi Judd-YouTube

Fans love watching her shows and she delivers. She has scared some with two performances she did, one at the CMAs with Jelly Roll where she had a very tight grip on him. Admittedly, she just wanted to do the best she could for him. Then, Wynonna appeared off when she performed a duet on American Idol but, regardless, her voice was amazing. That is always the consensus. Now, the 60-year-old is sharing how she keeps her mother alive in every show she does. According to Entertainment Weekly, Wynonna speaks to Naomi during her concerts.

She was recently asked about this and Wynonna Judd had this to say:

“I do. On stage, I look up a lot because I see angels. Now I do it with Mom. I’m like, ‘What the h*ll are you doing? Where are you and why are you not here? And why are we not singing together again?'”

Clearly, all she wants to do is sing with her mother again so she is making a statement by letting her know that. The two times she feels Naomi the most are on stage and when she is with her granddaughter, Kaliyah, 2.

Singing Through Sadness

Naomi Judd had struggled for years with mental illness so it was horrific that it came to this. However, Wynonna Judd and her mother had such a strong musical connection. Therefore, feeling her onstage makes so much sense. At the same time, Wynonna’s granddaughter gives her peace and happiness so that is the light in all of this darkness. Unfortunately, Wynonna’s daughter and Kaliyah’s mother has had some legal issues. Fortunately, Wynonna has been able to come to a place of peace:

“I’ve worked on forgiveness and my anger and frustration with suicide. [At a fan club party] last night, everyone had on Judds T-shirts from the ’80s and ’90s. I thought, I have a choice: I can either be better or bitter. My grief comes and goes. I see it as a gift in terms of the healing part. Something will happen and you start to cry and think, What’s wrong with me? Then you realize there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s perfectly fine to cry. It’s important to embrace it and lean into it. I cry as much as I need to and when it’s time to be done, it will be.”

She has a newfound self-awareness and it seems that has helped her better come to terms with the tragedy that happened. Plus, Wynonna and her sister have formed an unbreakable bond thanks to losing Naomi.

What do you think of Wynonna having chats with her mother during her shows? Do you think this has helped her heal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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