Carrie Underwood Slams Fellow Singers For ‘Disappointing’ Shows

Carrie Underwood/Credit: YouTube
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Carrie Underwood slams other artists for ‘disappointing’ live shows. Plus, she reveals her tricks to keep her voice fresh. Keep reading for the latest news on the country sensation.

American Idol Alum Dishes On Keeping Voice In Good Condition

It’s been almost 20 years since Carrie Underwood won American Idol. The Season 4 winner was just 21. Now at 37, Underwood is a multi-platinum artist preparing to resume her Las Vegas residency. How does she keep her voice in pristine condition after years of non-stop performing?

Carrie Underwood/Credit: YouTube
Carrie Underwood/Credit: YouTube

Legendary rocker Jon Bon Jovi recently opened up about how years of performing have damaged his vocal cords to the point he needed surgery to repair it. While his band Bon Jovi just released their 16th studio album, Forever, earlier this month, they don’t plan to tour to support the record due to JBJ’s voice issues.

But it seems Carrie Underwood does what she can to prevent damage to her voice as her career continues to surge. She recently spoke to CMT ahead of her performance at the Carolina Country Music Festival in South Carolina.

She admitted that she is “pretty bad” at warming up her voice before performances. However, she said that her overall healthy lifestyle is what keeps her voice in tip-top shape.

“I feel like, first and foremost, just taking care of myself overall is the most important thing I can do with food and drink and being healthy and exercising and all that stuff.”

Carrie Underwood Slams Fellow Singers For ‘Disappointing’ Shows

Carrie Underwood is much more than just a singer. She’s proven herself to be one the biggest music fans of artists from all genres. She joined rockers Guns ‘N Roses for multiple dates for their 2023 tour.

She shared with CMT one of the most “disappointing” things she’s encountered as a fan. Underwood called out fellow singers for making too many changes to the songs instead of performing them the way fans expected.

“When I go hear somebody sing and they don’t really sound like they’re supposed to sound, I’m disappointed.”

The “Before He Cheats” singer confessed to making minor changes to the melodies, but prefers to keep the songs the way they sound on the album. She added that it takes “practice” to be consistent on stage.


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She didn’t mention any specific singers, but Eric Church has come under fire from fans multiple times for his concert set lists.

Do you agree with her that performers should stick to the song’s original sound when performing at shows? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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