Maren Morris Shocks Fans With New Face

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Maren Morris is getting ready to release her new five-song EP but she has just shocked fans with a brand-new face. She is in a transformative period in her life. Yet, no one expected her to look so different and it could be a reflection of how things are going. So, what are people saying? Keep reading for more details.

Maren Morris Shocks Fans With New Face

In the last year, Maren Morris left country music because she felt she had achieved all that she could. Plus, the values did not align with what she believed in. Then, there was such a fuss around that so she clarified her statement and let fans know essentially she could not be put in a box. She would still do country but she would also do whatever kind of music that appealed to her and made her happy. Along with that announcement, Maren and her husband, Ryan Hurd split after five years.

Maren Morris-Instagram
Maren Morris-Instagram

She then came out as bisexual in 2024 and shared that her single “Cut!” will be very raw and like taking off a mask. Her new song is a duet with Julia Michaels whom she has worked with in the past. Now, the thirty-four-year-old has eyebrows raised over a TikTok video that she did. According to The Sun, the goal was to promote her new single but she did more than she had intended. Maren starts inside in a black sweatshirt then ends up outside in a strappy sundress looking like an ethereal goddess.

@marenmorris i hope i never fall in love again #newmusic #ihopeineverfallinlove ♬ i hope i never fall in love – Maren Morris

However, many struggled with her appearance and wondered if she had done something to her face. It may have been a filter but either way, fans have been blown away by this bundle of videos. She followed it up with a few similar and her skin was smooth as silk and her lips plumped:

  • She is beauty, she is grace
  • Holy crap you are ever stunning
  • Gorgeousness
  • Goddess Maren 😍😍
  • You’re too beautiful and talented to be crying, love 💗

Who Hurt You?

After seeing Maren Morris perform clips of her new single, fans immediately wanted to know who hurt her. More so, they wanted to save her as best that they could. They also hoped she would find the right kind of love, maybe with one of them but still, could not get over her beauty. Along with the voice, it was the perfect combination. Whatever she did, a filter or a great refresh, she looks phenomenal and ready to take on the world.

What do you think of Maren’s transformation? Let us know and do not miss Intermission when it is released on August 2nd.

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