Jelly Roll Salutes Taylor Swift

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Jelly Roll just took the time to salute fellow performer and superstar, Taylor Swift. It has come out that Jelly has a huge crush on Taylor, something his wife, Bunnie XO is fine with. Yet, aside from that, he has a deep affection for Taylor as a person and is sharing his thoughts on her. Keep reading for more details on what Jelly is saying about the Grammy winner.

Jelly Roll Salutes Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is at the top of the world as she sells out concerts all over the world. Along with her musical success, she has immense personal success. Her relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce has captivated football fans alike. He recently surprised her overseas and she was blown away when she saw him in the VIP area. More so, he has appeared on stage with Taylor and fans can see that she is happier than she has ever been. Now, Jelly Roll is gushing over the musical superstar. He has long been a fan and could not wait to get a photo with her at the Grammys.

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His wife, Bunnie XO knows that he loves Taylor and that is perfectly fine. Now, he is speaking out about the kind of human Taylor is and he absolutely adores her. According to Parade, Jelly opened up to CMT and shared that he truly adored the “Shake It Off” singer’s philanthropy work:

“I’m a fly on a bull’s butt compared to Taylor Swift. But for her to come over and just say ‘Hi’… you know, she’s proudly from Nashville, and I love her philanthropic efforts in Nashville.”

Taylor moved to Nashville, Tennessee as a teenager but has made sure to give back as much as she can. This is something Jelly can relate to as he is always doing whatever he can for inmates and those in need. He was locked up many times in his life and wants others to know there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Yet, he has another connection to Taylor Swift:

“I’ve pushed my daughter on a swing set she built for the kids in Hendersonville before, so it was really cool to just get to tell her that.”


@cmt #jellyroll appreciates all #taylorswift has done for his hometown 🙌 #cmtHot20 #countrymusic ♬ original sound – CMT

The Coolest

After hearing and seeing what Jelly Roll had to say about Taylor Swift, fans rushed to the comment section. They had nothing but kind words for Jelly in return:

  • J always has something nice to say. We love a fellow Swiftie
  • @Jelly Roll Is a swiftie favorite. We love him! He is an amazing singer AND PERSON!! 🥰
  • I was thinking it’s refreshing to have someone always focus on the positives and joys in life.

Though many noted how Taylor was from Pennsylvania originally, it did not seem to matter as the sentiment was what really counted. What do you think of Jelly’s kind words? Do you think more people should be that sweet? Let us know in the comments below.

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