Jelly Roll ‘On The Fence’ About Releasing Certain Song

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Jelly Roll writes so many incredible songs that fans fall in love with but he is “on the fence” about releasing a certain one. What is interesting about this one particular song is that it has already been performed live by Jelly. So, some people may be waiting to download it. Which one is it? Keep reading for more details on which song may never see the light of day.

Jelly Roll ‘On The Fence’ About Releasing Certain Song

It seems that everything Jelly Roll touches turns to gold and he is not stopping anytime soon. He has been performing on various shows, promoting new music, and preparing for his upcoming Beautifully Broke Tour. More so, he just added a handful of extra dates to give fans an added chance to see him up close and personal. Finally, after being brushed aside due to his criminal past, Jelly will be able to perform outside of the United States. This is a huge deal and a long time in the making.

Jelly Roll-YouTube
Jelly Roll-YouTube

That being said, he also has to plan his setlist so that he covers all of his bases. However, there is one song that fans have already heard that they may or may not get to hear again. Along with his tour, Jelly is working on his forthcoming album. Admittedly, there is a lot of music to put on it but one song may not make the cut. According to American Songwriter, the father of two is torn about adding the single “Liar” to it.

Yes, fans have heard this song before when he performed it live at the 2024 ACM Awards. However, Jelly is in a tough spot, as he shared with Taste Of Country Nights:

“I don’t even know if we’re going to put ‘Liar’ out. I’m still on the fence about it.”

So, why sing it and get fans super pumped just to keep it to himself? He did not share why it may never see the light of day but did explain what was to come from the new album:

“There’s a lot of storytelling on this album. I wrote probably a hundred and something songs, maybe a hundred and fifty plus, trying to figure this album out.”

How Will Fans React?

“Liar” is available on YouTube and already has 523K views. So, what is the feedback on Jelly Roll’s live performance of the song?

  • Love this! Keep winning for all of us underdogs Jelly!
  • I haven’t heard a Jelly Roll song I didn’t like. New or old. I absolutely say he’s my very favorite! And Im no spring chicken! Love you, Jelly!! Love your people too!
  • This song has got to be on the new album! I felt this song to the very depths of my soul. Jelly Roll sings out our fears and hopes. The man has a gift and I am grateful he shares it with us.

Others wanted it to be released on Spotify so there was a lot of hope for the song. Hopefully, at least at the shows, Jelly will perform it.

Are you bummed that Jelly Roll won’t have “Liar” on his new album? More so, do you hope he will change his mind? Let us know in the comments below.

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