Travis Tritt Blocks Everyone on Twitter. Everyone on Twitter: ‘Who’s Travis Tritt??’

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If you’re a social media user, you may have noticed “Travis Tritt” trending on Twitter over the weekend. Many of the tweets were asking who Travis Tritt even is. It turns out that the country music icon went on a mass-blocking spree and people were VERY confused. 

Travis Tritt Goes on Massive Blocking Spree on Twitter

On Sunday, September 6, Travis Tritt started trending on social media platform Twitter. As you may know, trending occurs when a name or word is mentioned literally thousands of times within a specific time frame. 

So, a lot of people were talking about Travis Tritt. And not for a good reason. The country music star tweeted around 8 p.m. EST that he was blocking any Twitter user who used the hashtag #resist, which is something Liberals allegedly tweet. 

He wrote in his original tweet that he got the idea from actor James Woods. James Woods is an outspoken supporter of President Trump. His tweets are often retweeted by the President himself. 

Crediting his friend, the country singer revealed that he used the search bar to weed out #resistors and then promptly blocked them. The purpose was to “make them as irrelevant as they have tried to make the rest of us.” 

So, how did Twitter users react to being #BlockedByTravisTritt? As you expect. By trolling him. 

Many Twitter Users Respond to Being #BlockedByTravisTritt

The first question many Twitters users had was “Who in the heck is that??” One fan joked that Twitter should shut the account down until they investigate. 

Many people were surprised to find out that they were #BlockedByTravisTritt. They didn’t even tweet the hashtag #resist, which Travis was using to weed people out. 

One Twitter user DID know who the “Foolish Pride” singer is and got blocked anyway. 

Former ESPN reporter Jemele Hill found herself blocked, despite having a positive run-in with Travis Tritt. She wrote that she always tells people about the time she met him at the Kentucky Derby. At the time, he was nice to her. But now that she’s been blocked, she plans to tell a different story about the country singer. 

By Monday morning, the Twitter war had taken a new turn. After several retweets of a make-up clad Travis Tritt, users began comparing him to 80s icon Boy George. Suddenly, the two names were trending together and Twitter users did NOT approve. 

Many Boy George fans took to Twitter to defend the “Karma Chameleon” singer. 

So, Who IS Travis Tritt? 

The kerfuffle has been going on for so long that even Newsweek has picked up the story! So, who is Travis Tritt? Country music fans know who he is, of course. But it’s quite the blast from the past! 

Travis Tritt was a country music charts staple in the late 80s and early 90s. One of his most famous songs was “Here’s a Quarter, Call Someone Who Cares.” 

Both the song’s reference and Travis Tritt are irrelevant these days. In fact, one Twitter user joked that they’ve had as many hit singles in the last 25 years as the “Anymore” singer. (Zero.) 

He also once appeared on the Loretta Lynn and Friends Show. The 90s country star recently posted a flashback of the episode to wish the icon a Happy Birthday. As for Loretta, she’s keeping busy by trolling fans with a marriage to Kid Rock.

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