Why Are Fans ‘Canceling’ Garth Brooks?

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Twitter cancel culture had an unusual target on Saturday, September 26: Country singer Garth Brooks. The singer of inspiring anthems such as “We Shall Be Free” faced criticism for having his name in connection with Donald Trump in any way. What is the connection between The President of the United States and country music’s favorite Okie? (Sorry, Blake!)

Why is Twitter Canceling Garth Brooks? 

A new report making the rounds on social media is regarding a campaign to “defeat” the despair of coronavirus. Reportedly, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) earmarked $260 million from taxpayers to create an ad to keep Americans optimistic in the face of COVID. 

The  campaign involves filming celebrities and officials from the Trump administration for various TV ads. Garth Brooks’ name came up in connection with the ad. However, it is unclear if he ever actually filmed anything or was simply offered the gig. 

However, music fans of all genres came to social media to lambast the country music star. Endless tweets mentioned how disappointed they were that Garth is a Trump supporter. One Twitter user joked that Garth really does have “friends in low places,” a riff on the title of one of his most popular songs.  

Garth Brooks isn’t the only country star who recently took a verbal beating on Twitter. Popular 90s country star Travis Tritt recently had Twitter aflutter with one question: “Who is Travis Tritt?” 

In addition to Garth Brooks, other celebrities possibly involved in the ads include movie actor Dennis Quaid and gospel legend CeCe Winans.

CeCe Winans Says Ad ‘Isn’t Political At All’

While Garth has yet to speak out about the controversy, CeCe Winans did! After finding out she was trending on social media and why, she spoke out about the ad. The Grio reports that CeCe’s interview merely encourages people to wear masks. She said that the ad and her involvement “isn’t political at all.” 

However, to wear a mask or not to wear a mask has become a highly politicalized topic. 

Garth Does His Best to Stay Out of Politics

People on social media were partly upset by the news because Garth Brooks has never been one to talk politics. He isn’t immune to backlash, though. Last year some fellow country stars shaded the “Thunder Rolls” singer after Garth won Entertainer of the Year… again. As a result of the outcry, he took his name out of consideration at the 2020 ACM awards. 

Several fans used the hashtag to show support for Garth. One fan noted that having his name in connection with the advertisement doesn’t mean he’s a Trump supporter.

Another fan used the lyrics to “We Shall Be Free” to prove that Garth supports #loveoverhate. 

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