Mickey Guyton Gives a Tasty Sprinkle of ‘Salt’ on Kelly Clarkson Show

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Now, fans can count Kelly Clarkson in on the bandwagon for songstress and truth-speaker, Mickey Guyton.  Broadway World featured the brief conversation between the two stellar singer-songwriters, who grew up just a stone’s throw from each other in Texas.  Mickey Guyton claims Arlington and Waco as her home, while Kelly Clarkson hails from Burleson.  Beyond their geographic roots and vocal stylings that blend country music, pop, and soul seamlessly, the ladies tell it like it is in songs and in life.

At last, Mickey Guyton is getting attention from all corners of the music and entertainment world, but her journey has never been easy.  There is no “overnight” sensation, as the first season winner of American Idol verifies.  Kelly Clarkson worked as a waitress and slept in her car four years before America witnessed her climb to fame.  The “Stronger” singer signed on to the competition because it was a guarantee of free food and rent for a while.

Mickey Guyton has had her gift for soaring chorus notes and courageous songwriting for years.  Still, after 10 years of abiding by the “Nashville system” of picking the perfect song, and never saying anything too offensive to anyone, Guyton made a promise to be true to her own experience and to sing from a place of truth. The country music world heard Mickey Guyton loud and clear at the 2020 ACM Awards.  Friends like Maren Morris are not letting her message or her talent be ignored.  “What Are You Gonna Tell Her?” carries the question our society must answer.

It only took minutes for Mickey Guyton to say a lot about equality

“I didn’t start out ever intentionally being an activist,” Mickey Guyton admits.  The artist deflects taking credit away from those “on the ground,”  like the Black Lives Matter movement founders, Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi, among many more who have devoted their lives to the struggle for equality.

“Equality is not a political issue,” the songwriter adamantly asserts.  “It’s a human rights issue.”

The importance of standing up for people of color and all “marginalized people” in country music does bear on the artist with new passion.  “And that includes white women as well,” Mickey Guyton adds.  The “Better Than You Left Me” songwriter has passionately taken on the battle of radio play parity for female artists in country music.  She described during a recent interview how only three artists out of the Top 30 on radio are women, despite earning massive awards and recognition.

Mickey Guyton has lived the life of a black woman in this country and in the dusty horse barns of Waco.  She understands “what discrimination feels like,” and therefore, “I can’t NOT say something about what’s happening,” the songwriter affirms.

“I dare anyone to tell a black woman that it’s [discrimination] not going on,” she explains because the sting of Mickey Guyton’s personal encounters with prejudice is still there. “I know what it feels like.”

Kelly Clarkson readily agreed.  “There are those crazy people who will say that to you, and I apologize for them in advance,” the host echoed.

‘Salt’ issues a warning about certain women, says Mickey Guyton

Mickey Guyton has an undeniable gift for a catchy melody and tuning into a great “hook” in a country song.  There was no apology needed from Kelly Clarkson or anyone listening to Mickey’s catchy new song about the kind of girl who goes hunting for the guy to boost her career by any means necessary.

“Salt” is another Mickey Guyton sing derived from her personal observations and experiences while climbing the music industry ladder.  The songwriter relates how she’s seen so many women “use their bodies to try to social-climb” the rungs to success in Music City.  “I’ve seen the harm it does to marriages and to people,” she cautions.  “It’s something I do not stand for.”  Many one-man women certainly agree.

“I love the fire they came with that,” Kelly Clarkson replied after Mickey Guyton’s warning that what looks like sugar can be salt.

Mickey Guyton sounds better than ever on her new EP, Bridges, but even without an audience, her vocal flourish and the flowing sway to her leopard print dress enhance the alert about “the snake taking names in the bar tonight.”

“She’s got you blind, but boy, I see it all/ You think you’re getting sugar, but you’re getting salt,” the infectious chorus continues.  Mickey Guyton provided the perfect musical seasoning for pre-Thanksgiving preparations by her fans.

Kelly Clarkson and Mickey Guyton can share pregnancy stories, too

It’s hardly a secret that Kelly Clarkson had a very hard time with her two pregnancies—the first with her daughter, River Rose, 6, was particularly difficult.  Her son, Remington Alexander,4, followed shortly after.   Mothers are always willing to suffer nausea, vomiting, and other pregnancy woes for the gift of a beautiful baby.  Kelly was always quite candid with her fans about being queasy onstage.

The expectant condition of Mickey Guyton coincided with the release of her powerful ballad, “Black Like Me.” She initially released the song only on social media.  Her team was concerned about the reception and considered the need for added security.  The mom-to-be didn’t know whether to attribute her turbulent tummy to pregnancy or to the tension surrounding the song.  Spotify spread the song. Mickey Guyton got noticed in a whole new way.

Mickey Guyton and her husband, Grant Savoy, will welcome their son in February.  The couple hasn’t proposed any names yet.  The singer delighted in sharing the October gender news.  The singer knows full well the unique burden of bringing a black son into the current social climate.  “I pray for him,” she already assures her unborn child.

Kelly Clarkson can be a mentor to Mickey Guyton not only as another stellar singer from Texas but more importantly, as a mother who makes it all work while balancing kids and career.   These ladies are going places as moms, super talents, and women to be remembered.

Mickey Guyton joins Dustin Lynch on December 9 at the Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville for “The Farm Must Go On” benefit as part of John Deere’s Farm Rescue initiative.

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