Tim McGraw Stands In Exuberant Support For Daughter Audrey’s ‘Stand By Your Man’ Cover

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Needless to say, no matter how big the audience is or where any performance takes place, any of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s talented and independent daughters feel the strongest support from their mom and dad. Clearly, it never hurts to have the genetic gifts from two authentic wonders from the realm of country music vocalists, either, but the Like We Never Loved At All artists understand that a great performance is about much more than perfect notes– it relies on the nuance within the singer to cast passion in a new light.

Proud papa, Tim McGraw recently captured such a moment with his youngest daughter and most recent birthday girl, Audrey, 22. Just like her older sisters, Maggie, 25, and Gracie, 26, the youngest McGraw sibling certainly has the pipes, as Parade, People, and Hollywood Life per MSN verify. What’s more, is that this is not just any song, but Tammy Wynette’s 1968 treasure, Stand By Your Man. There’s no need to start small with a voice like Audrey’s. Read on to learn why moments like this one are such treats for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, not to mention anyone else listening!

Soaring piano and Pathos in black and white

Famously, Tim McGraw never stands by the adage that A Real Good Man never shows emotion. Not only does the husband and father create tributes for every loving occasion celebrated by his family that rival any love song, but furthermore, he bears absolutely no shame over shedding tears of pride and love for his beloved ladies.

While Audrey is a vision in black and white against the black and white keys of the piano, Dad Tim McGraw offers his narrative in split-screen mode in his social media post. Silently, the father mouths the words to the title line of the classic as his daughter lets her voice take flight with her finish.

Not holding the feelings back, Tim McGraw exclaims, “Whoo!” “Gosh, she’s so talented, man,” the devoted dad gushes. Without a doubt, this is one of those moments to hold in the heart forever, like the ones sung about in Live Like You Were Dying. Admittedly, he relates that he extols all of his daughters’ singing chops “100 times.” Still, “Audrey is just so special,” Tim glows for his “babygirl,” who entered the world eight weeks early, and still became “a full-on million-watt light in our lives,” as Country Music Alley detailed in 2020.


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More than a singer…

“She’s such an incredible writer as well,” Tim McGraw further raves over his youngest daughter and the leading lady of his 7500 OBO music video.

“I’m telling you, her voice and the things that she writes are just so mind-blowing and so deep and so special,” the self-effacing Pop praises. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw feel blessed to “hear this all over the house,” even if it means being somewhat stealthy in their approach.

“Sometimes we have to sneak around so we can watch her so she doesn’t see us,” Tim concedes. “Because she’ll stop sometimes,” not wanting to put every secret song out into the world. “My Goodness, I’m proud,” McGraw declares.

A different tone from Tammy

Regardless of his endless hardware confirming Tim McGraw as a timeless force in country music, the performer with more than four decades of success likely takes singular pride in Audrey’s songwriting due to his sometimes harsh assessment of his own songwriting, as related in a Country Music Television profile.  To date, only seven of his own compositions have made the cut for his artistic credo to always “put the song first.”

As for Audrey McGraw, she and her older sisters, each possess the promise and the gifts to make their artistic imprints on the world. For the most part, everyone who encountered Tammy Wynette felt her gift but also the immense heartbreak that she carried from life away from the stage. She appears stoic as her voice echoes the hurt of Stand By Your Man.

For her part, Audrey McGraw’s deft vocals take on the pain, but more so, find the strength to rise above despair. There will be trials and despair, but a love worth saving is worth the cost. Across decades, some have painted this standard of the American songbook as a trope for blind allegiance. At its core, Audrey McGraw showcases how it is an emblem of love.

What do you think of Audrey McGraw’s rendition of Stand By Your Man?  Let us know in the comments, and catch up on all your country music favorites at Country Music Alley.

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