Maren Morris Blames CMA’s on Charley Prides’ Death

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Maren Morris is speaking out after the death of Charley Pride. He passed away at the age of 86 after complications from COVID-19. Maren is blaming it all on the CMA’s that happened about a month ago. Her logic does make sense.

Maren Morris speaks out

Maren Morris went to her Twitter after hearing about the death of Charley Pride. She didn’t hold back either. Here is what she had to say below.

So far, it has simply been shared that Charley Pride died of COVID-19. No other details have been released. If you think about it, the timing for him to have caught it is right. That doesn’t prove that is how he got it, though. His death came one month after the Country Music Association Awards, which were held indoors at the Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee, on November 11.

Fans reply to Maren

A lot of people don’t seem to agree with Maren Morris and they are replying to her post on Twitter. They aren’t holding back either. Here is waht some of them had to say about her thoughts on the death of Charley Pride.

  • I was truly confused why the CMAs were still held inside…and the shields people were holding by their face are NOT masks. I thought I was the only one wondering how that was ok
  • Not true! They don’t get any more money for a person who does of Covid versus othe deaths. Doctors have confirmed this
  • Wouldn’t rush to judgements, he was 86 and EVERYTHING is being classified as covid (increases revenue) for hospitals!!
  • Well it was exactly a month ago and it seems most attendees were either too vain or too uncaring to be bothered with wearing a mask. Doubt if there will be anymore outrage than there was for the other 3000 unnecessary deaths just today
  • I wasn’t a math major… but one month ago yesterday…
  • It was dumb to even have the event in the first place much less indoors with everyone wearing a non-protective shield worn incorrectly or some not wearing one at all. We all saw the pictures of people jumping from table to table w/o masks for a damn photo opt.

Do you think that Maren Morris could be right? Share your thoughts in the comments below. It is going to be interesting to see if any other news comes out about his death. Fans would love to hear from the family.

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