Luke Bryan Kicks-Off Annual Prankmas Celebration

Luke Bryan Prankmas
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Luke Bryan shares a photo of himself, his wife, Caroline, and Tim Tebow on Instagram over the weekend to announce the beginning of his annual ” 12 Days of Prankmas celebration.”

What is Prankmas to Luke Bryan?

Undoubtedly, with several viral videos, fans adore Luke and Caroline Bryan for their pranks and fun-loving nature. So, it seems that the “12 Days of Prankmas” is an annual Bryan family tradition. Luckily for fans, the Bryans share their pranks on social media for everyone to see.

One of the memorable pranks from last year is “Trashy Tammy.”  To complete this prank, Luke and his wife, Caroline enlist the help of two social media stars. These stars are Instagram influencer, Chelcie Lynn, and social media famous police officer, Officer Daniels.

With the help of Chelcie Lynn and Officer Daniels, they play the inaugural prank of 2019 on Luke’s unsuspecting mother, LeClaire. Throughout the course of the prank, LeClaire is led to believe that Trashy Tammy is a crazy fan. To sell the prank, Luke runs off.  In the end, everyone gets a great laugh out of the prank.

“12 Days of Prankmas” 2020 and what we know so far.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much news about what to expect from Luke Bryan and Prankmas 2020. Over the weekend Bryan shares a photo with his wife, Caroline, and Heisman winner, Tim Tebow. Additionally, the caption is short and sweet. Bryan pens, “Prankmas starts today. I still reign king of pranks in our house.”

Out of context, it may seem confusing to see Tim Tebow with the Bryans. However, never fear. Earlier this year, Luke Bryan temporarily acquires Tebow’s Heisman to “hurt the mojo of the Florida Gators on the same weekend they take on Bryan’s beloved Georgia Bulldogs.” Notably, the acquisition of the Heisman trophy isn’t scandalous. While at the Red Bird Games, Tebow and Bryan spoke about the trophy. Sometime during the conversation, Tebow agrees to lend the trophy to the Brett Boyer Foundation as a silent auction prize. Consequently, Caroline Byran proceeds to win the bid for the Heisman. As her prize, Tim Tebow’s Heisman became the guest of the Bryan house for six months.

Fans react to the Prankmas announcement.

While there currently aren’t many details about Prankmas 2020, fans are still excited. The comments section of Luke Bryan’s announcement is full of comments proclaiming excitement. One fan asks “What is Prankmas?” And, excitedly, another fan responds. “Hang on and you’re gonna love it!!!!! Pranking starts now!!!” the fan writes with two cry-laughing emojis.

Do you have any ideas about what Luke Bryan has up his sleeve for Prankmas 2020? Let us know in the comment section below. Come back to Country Music Alley for updates on Prankmas and more news about your favorite Country music artists.

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