Does Gwen Stefani Have Blake Shelton on a Short Leash?

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It seems that The Voice coaches and popular couple, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are always making headlines. After dating for over five years, their relationship doesn’t qualify as a whirlwind romance. However, since their engagement in October, this doesn’t keep fans from wanting to know as much as they can about the couple.

Does Gwen Stefani wear the pants in her relationship with Blake Shelton?

With a shocking headline that implies that Gwen Stefani “won’t let” Blake Shelton see his friends, Yahoo! Entertainment‘s report is sure to cause some questions about the couple’s relationship status. Luckily for fans, it isn’t what it seems. In a recent episode of Party Barn With Luke Bryan, Shelton gives insight into how Stefani is handling things amid the ongoing pandemic.

When it comes to the claim that Stefani is keeping Shelton from his friend, it’s only because she takes coronavirus very seriously. Which isn’t hard to believe considering their wedding date is dependent on how things pan out with COVID-19.  According to Yahoo! Entertainment, aside from “business-related” projects, the couple does what they can to stay home.


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What does the Country star do to keep his Popstar love happy?

On the podcast, Shelton tells Luke Bryan that “he dodges texts in an effort to appease his fiancée.”  Shelton commends his fiancée for being “strong about this quarantine thing.” He goes on to explain, “She’s the only person I get to see so, that’s it. No buddy hanging out time.”

So why is he dodging texts? It appears to be a point of his pride. Blake Shelton describes himself as “a prideful, stubborn guy.” Apparently, he’s ghosting his friends so he doesn’t have to respond with “Man, Gwen won’t let me go.”

Gwen Stefani’s Sons To Play Huge Part In Her Wedding With Blake Shelton

It seems that things are all good.

All of that to say, it seems like things are as great as ever for one of America’s favorite couples. Gwen Stefani recently dishes on some insider information about her relationship with Blake Shelton. In recent interviews, she speaks about how quickly she fell for Blake Shelton.  Additionally, with the Catholic Church granting her previous marriage to, Gavin Rossdale, an annulment it seems that Stefani’s wedding plans are going according to plan.

What do you think about Gwen Stefani’s safety measures for COVID-19? Do you think Blake Shelton should be embarrassed to tell his friends he can’t hang out at the request of his fiancée? Let us know in the comment section below. Come back to Country Music Alley for more news about your favorite Country stars.


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