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Kane Brown has been a recognized voice in country music since he released his first EP, Closer, in 2015. The EP debuted on the Top Country Album chart at number twenty-two. Since then, Brown has experienced tremendous success with multiple number one hits, seven of which went platinum. And he has a couple of CMT Music Awards to his name. But one thing Brown has not done up until now is perform at the Grand Ole Opry. Brown chose to make his Opry debut during the Grand Ole Opry: 95 Years of Country Music two-hour special.

Kane Brown inside the circle

Kane spoke to E! News about why he chose to wait until now to make his Opry debut. He admitted that he has been asked by multiple other artists to perform at the Opry prior to this.

“I have talked to so many people, so many artists. A lot of artists have [come] to me to get me to play the Opry. Brad Paisley came and asked me, Darius came and asked me, I talked to Aldean about it, Lauran Alaina came and asked me before I played the Dallas halftime show—but I just wanted to kind of wait for that right time and that special moment.”

That is a lot of peer pressure to have and still hold out on performing at the Opry. Kane laughed as he remembered how many times Paisley asked him to play the Opry. “Brad was asking me when I was on tour with him. I think he asked me like three or four times,” Kane laughed. But Brown’s refusal only made Brad more determined. Kane remembers Brad saying, “I am going to get him to play it.”

And Brad’s persistence finally paid off. Kane is happy he chose now for his debut. “I’m just glad that I get to say that I played the Opry now. And hopefully, I’ll get to come back and play when there’s actually fans.”

His song choice

Kane is a dedicated family man and for his first performance at the Opry he chose to perform his song “For My Daughter.” Kane wrote this song when he found out that his wife Katelyn Jae was pregnant with their daughter Kingsley. It tells Kane’s story of how not having a dad made him decide to be the best father possible for his little girl. “I wanted [her] to have a song whenever she was born. And we played it for her and it used to always make her quit crying.”

It was important to Kane that Kingsley be able to know that his first performance at the Opry was dedicated to her. “It’s cool that she’ll get to look back on this and it’ll be my first considered debut at the Opry,” he explained. “The Opry is such a big thing in country music so it’ll be cool for her to look back on.”

The importance of the Opry

Kane knows how special the Opry is and felt honored to be able to stand in the sacred circle on the stage. “I know how much this place means to people. I don’t think it’ll ever go away. That’s why it’s still standing and we’re still doing music here.”

Kane went on to say that country music is about family, being strong and being together which is why the Opry and country music still exists. He called the Opry “resilient” and part of that is because of the great artists that came before him. One artist Kane Brown thanked, in particular, was Charley Pride.

The country music Hall of Famer sadly died in December 2020. “It hurt all of us,” Kane admitted. “I couldn’t imagine being where he was at that time and age in front of all those people at the Opry. And I just heard stories from other artists that he told them, so I just know he was a strong human being. I wish I would’ve at least got to say ‘hey’ to him. Rest in peace.”

Kane finished his interview thanking the Opry for the opportunity to perform. “It was a true honor looking around and getting to see everything in here and getting to stand in the circle.”

Did you watch Kane Brown’s Opry debut? Let us know in the comments down below how he did.

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