Is Morgan Wallen Back In Good Graces With His Record Label?

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To say that Morgan Wallen’s had a rough go of things would be an understatement. In 2020 and 2021, Morgan Wallen makes headlines in more ways than one. Unfortunately, controversy seems to follow the country star. However, from the looks of one record label exec’s Instagram, it looks like things may be starting to look up again for Morgan Wallen. Keep reading to find out if Wallen is back in the good graces of his record label, Big Loud Records.

Morgan Wallen’s controversy

Earlier this year, one of Morgan Wallen’s neighbors release a video to TMZ. Sadly, this video depicts Morgan in an unfavorable light. After returning home from a “72-hour bender,” the video catches the country artist using the N-word and other profanities.

After that, the music industry takes swift action. Radio stations and streaming services pull Morgan Wallen’s music from their catalogs. Probably one of the more jarring consequences for Wallen is the actions of his record label, Big Loud Records. Big Loud Records is a subsidiary of Republic Records. At the height of the controversy, they take to Twitter to give their statement. It reads, “In the wake of recent events, Big Loud Records has made the decision to suspend Morgan Wallen’s recording contract indefinitely.” The tweet goes on to say that, “Republic Records fully supports Big Loud’s decision and agrees such behavior will not be tolerated.”

Is Big Loud Records ready to forgive Wallen?

However, from the looks of one of Big Loud’s exec’s Instagram photos, it appears that things may be changing in favor of Morgan Wallen’s comeback. Earlier today, Big Loud partner, Seth England, posts a photo that some will interpret as good news.

In the photo, England is smiling alongside Morgan Wallen and the legendary Ronnie Dunn of Brooks and Dunn. According to the caption, this is a “bucket list photo” England never knew he needed. He explains that Dunn is “the voice that got me into country music.” Furthermore, Wallen is “the voice that’s keeping me going.” With that being said, it seems like the record label isn’t giving up on Morgan Wallen. One fan relates by commenting “Neon Moon vs. Neon Eyes.”


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Unfortunately, there isn’t a definitive statement about whether or not Big Loud Records is lifting Morgan Wallen’s suspension. However, this does give fans hope for what’s to come from Wallen. Additionally, while this photo was posted earlier today (May 5), there’s no telling when it was actually taken.

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