Internet Trolls Trash Kelly Clarkson & Her Signature Pose

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American Idol winner and The Voice coach, Kelly Clarkson always seems to get mixed reviews when she posts on Instagram about her wardrobe. Apparently, fans have been calling for her to fire her stylist since before her Billboard Music Awards wardrobe. Not only that, but trolls take to her Instagram to trash her signature pose and posture. Keep reading to find out more. 

Kelly Clarkson gets mixed reviews on her Instagram photos

Kelly Clarkson regularly posts about her wardrobe on her Instagram pages. Between coaching on The Voice and hosting The Kelly Clarkson show, the songstress has plenty of opportunities to dress up. While the comment section of her posts are met with mixed reviews, the internet troll comments seem to stick out the most.

Around Christmas 2020, Kelly Clarkson shares a set of photos on her Instagram page. This is the first memorable instance that there are trolls trashing her signature hands on the hips pose and her posture. Not only that, it is a backhanded compliment. The comment reads as follows. “Kelly i love you so much but wanted to tell you to please stop wearing those dresses. THEY MAKE YOU LOOK FAT you are so beautiful when you don’t try.” Another comment doesn’t hold back and says, “Holy crap she put on weight.”


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Trolls call out possible weight gain and Kelly Clarkson signature pose

When it comes to her signature pose, the comment comes off as an observation. However, it could easily make anyone self-conscious about something they do without even thinking about it. The comment says, “I just realized that every picture you take, you have your hands on your hips.” What makes this comment slightly unsettling is the use of the cry-laughing emoji. This isn’t the first time followers draw attention to her body language. In another photo, on follower advises the superstar not to slouch.

Luckily, the comments aren’t all negative. Not only that, but Kelly Clarkson doesn’t seem to let the trolls phase her. She consistently posts photos with her signature hands on the hip pose. She’s clearly comfortable and radiates confidence.

What do you think about Kelly Clarkson’s stylist? Do you think Kelly needs a new signature pose? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Come back to Country Music Alley for more Kelly Clarkson news.

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