Morgan Wallen Fan Demands He Pay Her Back $4000 For Concert

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A Morgan Wallen fan is now demanding that he pay her back almost $4000 after he had to cancel a recent concert. Morgan shared that he had lost his voice and wouldn’t be able to perform. He didn’t reveal this until about 5 minutes before he was supposed to go on stage. Concertgoers were able to see the opening acts, but Morgan didn’t even come on stage to explain what was going on.

What Happened At Morgan Wallen Concert?

Morgan Wallen didn’t perform after it was announced that he had lost his voice. Yesterday he even canceled the rest of his concerts for this week stating the same reason and needing vocal rest.

Rumors have been flying that this isn’t the real story, though. A security guard was shared on TikTok saying that Morgan was actually drunk and had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. There is no proof of this claim, though. So far, Morgan isn’t even responding to the rumors. His opening act Ernest did defend him though replying to the rumor by saying “Cap” which basically means that it isn’t true.

Update: The security company is saying that they don’t stand by his statements. 


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Angry Fan Demands Huge Refund

A Morgan Wallen fan that went to the concert is now demanding that the country singer pays her back for more than just her tickets. It was revealed that fans would get a refund for tickets, even though they got to see the opening acts. Check out the tweet below to see what this fan is asking for from Morgan.

The fan dropped her CashApp tagging Morgan Wallen and telling him how much he owed her. Of course, there has been no response from Wallen. She asked for money back for her drinks, hotel, gas and more. One thing she wanted to be paid back for was Morgan Wallen merchandise that she bought, but of course, she got to keep this stuff. She also asked for money back for the concert tickets, which she should be getting anyway. It even requests the money back for shopping they did that they wouldn’t have been able to do if they weren’t going to the concert.

Morgan Wallen refund request

She went on to say that in the 17 years she has been with her husband he has only gone to two concerts with her. She was very upset that this happened at the one that he agreed to attend.

Why do you think that Morgan Wallen canceled his concerts? Sound off in the comments below.

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